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There was an interesting story revealed around November 20th 2010, that in Yinshang, a poverty-stricken County of Fuyang, Anhui Province, a little traffic police assistant stopped a sedan with red light violation, unfortunately there were two mob bosses in the car, the bosses shout at him and left audaciously. But that wasn’t over yet, soon some goons harassed him with family life threat dare he stop their bosses’ cars again. And later when one of the bosses drove by his position, he jumped out of the car and shout at the assistant: “Fu*k your mother! (Chinese style of curse) You want to die?! On your knees, and we’re done!” .The poor assistant was too frightened and kneeled(in police uniform) almost 20 seconds, then after that the traffic police force fired him for too soft.

Such humorous story quickly spread nationwide on newspaper, network and television. (Here are some related links) ... 8727.shtml ... 041s.shtml
Although it’s nationwide, but if you take a closer look, you will see that all the news reports seemed to originate from the same source, and that all the media tended to treat the event as funny story and didn’t bother to send their own reporters to further extend the report. In my opinion, there might be only one reporter cover the story and produce one piece all the long.

After a lot of laughs, I believe we all have the feelings that this wasn’t over yet base on past experience. Scandal this nationwide, the government should do something, right? While we wait, we already could hear the voices of fighting the organizedd crimes from TV news remarks or some personal weblogs. But negative, the government chose to play dumb this time. Just like a hotel bellman lingered on your doorway when he helped you carry the luggage, but you continued to ignore him, so he had to make a sound: “Hum.”, you looked at him: “Yes?”, he eagerly rubbed his fingers, “oh, my…” you gave him a paper napkin, “here, clean it up, and thank you, have a nice day!”, then you shut the door.

What’s going on here? After several weeks, people already began to forget the whole thing, but still no further coverage. Why is a little county mob so unshakable? (Some reading guidance: if you saw something about “the country’s biggest crime syndicate” in the related web content, it actually refers to CPC) So I take a more closer look of the original article. It obvious has two different opinions in there: from the news title and victim point of view, the guy he kneeled down to really is a gang boss; but the leader of victim’s former squad wasn’t so sure, he thought that guy might be just a man with many followers. So it posed some kind of paradox right? Why the Authority didn’t stand out and clear the obscureness? Or may be they though they’ve already done enough, (despite the assistant claimed he quit the job himself,) they fired that wussy, right? It almost sound plausible, but please remember that the assistant kneeled in police uniform and in public, If I ever want to fire him for humiliation, I would at least give some trouble to the charming guy first, like impound his car for some time, right?

My first guess was the gang boss already under investigation, the police didn’t want to spook him. But nearly half a year past, still there’s no action. So I made another bold assumption, that Chinese police force began to seek balance with crime syndicates. I always believe that the flourish of western gangs, crime families, and crime syndicates is the side effect of the everlasting pursuit of absolute justice, and contrary to that, Chinese judicial court weed out the inexperience jury and add more professional judges could really stop organized crimes(if really necessary). But it appears that the police have gone too lazy, they’ve just adopted “western advanced organized crime management concepts” without consequential legal system adjustment.

That assumption almost could explain the whole deal, but something still bothers me: if that mob boss was really just a controllable figurehead, why didn’t they replace him when there was too much heat? So I decided to dig further (on internet of course). I found some individual messages on various forums confirm that people-follower really is a gang boss (, also found some clues about police involvement in gambling business ( ... 1043.shtml). Now that start to make sense, may be there are some kind of new policies toward organized crime, but supposed figurehead seemed to seize the upwind.

I also found some other Yingshang mob stories scattered around internet. ... 6057.shtml ... FormID=474 ... 695116187/
But people seem to get use to this kind of stuff, and none above made much fuss like this one. (However there’s still some inspirations if you look into it, such as recruits late cancer patients as goons) And there’s still an interesting detail in the “wussy” story, that the event seemed to happen around April 2010, but why went public till November? Well, there was one less attention story ( ... 3550.shtml) happened around that time. Some thing about some local community functionary got interest conflict with former ally, a small gang boss, and during that period, his six year boy died of car accident. He believed it was a total murder, so he plotted a runaway show to raise public attention, and finally an investigation group was dispatched to the county. My guess is people there saw some dim light and tried to raise the bid. ( ... 9adec.html)

Well, everything seems balanced so far, god bless China, stay funny and have fun.

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