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Accused of homicide after wild party in Cuba

Florentine in prison in Havana. "I am innocent, I signed a document under torture"

Florence, January 11, 2011 - For six months in prison in Cuba, accused of the homicide of a young girl. But he says he is innocent, and wants to prove that at the party of sex and drugs, during which a minor prostitute died for the abuse of drugs, he has never participated.

More: Simone Pini, 43 years old, Florentine, 14 May 2010, the day when, inside of a hotel, was found the death body of a 12 years old, he was in Italy. They could try, in addition to the testimony of family members, the many regular things done by Pini between March 30, the day of his return to Rome, and May 24, when he returned to Bayamo, Granma province, where the ex- Cuban wife of the Florentine and their son lives. Dinners with friends in Florence, a charge account Post pay; an eye examination at Careggi hospital and a traffic ticket by the police in Campi Bisenzio.

All of this clashes with the allegations, supported by a document signed by the same Pini, in possession of the Cuban police, confirming his illegal entry to the Caribbean island. For the police Pini was illegally in Cuba, despite the visa on the passport proving otherwise, and, based on some testimonies, he participated in the red light gathering where the tragedy took place. “That signature was extracted with torture and also threats of execution,” Simone desperate wrote in the last letter from Combinado del Este prison in Havana, sent home before Christmas.

In addition to Pini, two other Italian tourists have been quietly jailed in connection with the girl death by the regime.

The media foreign bureaus in Cuba didn’t reported the death of a 12 year-old child prostitute, allegedly murdered by foreign tourists, that took place over a year ago in the city of Bayamo. They don’t tell the world what is really happening in Cuba. Unfortunately, child prostitution is a tragic reality in Cuba. What a shame, the Castros regime pushing 12 years old girls into prostitution.
For the foreign news bureaus in the island in order to keep a bureau, they need to walk a fine line with the regime. This means to be quite selective and careful of how they cover the news. They can’t report stories that, in a certain way, upset or endanger the regime. In other words, reporting the truth without fear of retaliation. They are willing to prostitute their talent in violation of their principles, to toe the party line in order to keep their bureaus in the island.
A Visit to Cubas Largest Prison

Yoani Sanchez
Posted 6/27/2011

Nine in the morning outside Combinado del Este, the largest prison in Cuba. Dozens of families are gathered to listen to an stern guard shouting out the names of the prisoners. Immediately, they order us down a narrow stretch to the sentry box where they search our bags and run a metal detector over our bodies. They also inspect the sacks of food the families have been filling for weeks with crackers, sugar, powdered soft drinks, cigarettes and powdered milk. They are the result of the unselfish efforts of the families who deprive themselves of these foods to bring them to the prisoners.

One woman cries because the guard won't let her bring in the ripe mangoes she brought for her son. People hang along the fence around the entrance without any protection, all those not allowed to enter. There is a bag with a mobile phone, a young woman's wallet, some deodorant that the official says could be made into moonshine within those walls. Me, they search the magazines I carry, give a pull on the zipper of my jacket, and run their fingers through my hair. Ahead of me there is someone trying to bring in a cake for a birthday that surely happened months ago. A young man grips his pants because they won't allow his belt inside. It would appear we are plunging into hell and -- in some ways -- it's true.

The place where we spend the visit smells of sweat, sweat and enclosure. The two Italian prisoners in front of me desperately put words one after the other. They have been arrested for the murder of a minor in Bayamo, but assure me that they hadn't been on the Island on the days of the crime. They've spent more than a year in prison without trial and I try to reconstruct, journalistically, the course of the case. One of them, Simone Pini, talks to me about police irregularities and I agree to investigate. "I can't do much," I tell him, "nor do I have access to the investigation record, but I will find out." I haven't finished my sentence when a guard shouts my name through the bars of the room. And leads me to the other side of Combinado del Este. To the immaculate, air-conditioned and wood-paneled office where the chief sits, located in a different part of the same horror. Meanwhile, a lieutenant colonel warns me that they will never ever let me enter this prison again.

When I try to leave, I note that the door has a lock with four combinations. "So much fear..." I think to myself. They escort me to the exit and I see a line of family members for the next visit that starts at noon. They carry sacks scrawled with names, and someone groans because they won't let him bring in a present. I discover in this moment that something sad has established itself in me, like the weight of the bars which, since then, I carry everywhere.
It is very unfortunate and tragic what happened, but when a 12 year old girl is using drugs, if she had lived, her future looks very grim. The secrecy and absent of clarity in the regime judicial system, makes these unfortunate incidents possible. Of course Castros apologists will blame it on the US embargo.

These are the foreign Italians tourist accused of the murder of the 12 years old girl:

From left to right: Luigi Sartorio, Simone Pini, Angelo Malavasi, Italians jailed in connection with the case
Daktoria wrote:How does Cuba even have a tourist industry in light of this?
The main reason is that the mainstream media don’t report this stuff. Most people don't know about it.

Can be any doubt where CNN's political loyalties lie? They always have been apologists for the Left, and will continue to do so. After all, what means a few years of disinformation if they get to keep their Havana bureau. Remember that before 2003, CNN reporters who wanted access to Iraq knew that they had to toe the Saddam line. Castro didn’t need to “censor” CNN. CNN censored itself.
Whether or not there were political implications in this sad tragedy, the fact is that a minor of 12 died. If you were the father of the victim, despite the fact that the perpetrator believes in the same ideological beliefs that you also happen to believe in, it would be the same sadness and bitterness that a father would feel over his son or daughter. The law maybe harsh, but that is the law. The same international laws that apply to Fidel, Raul or Cuba!
CNN is the most liberal Television News station in America. It welcomes commentators like the Right wing ideologist, spokesman for the Conservatives Glenn Beck. Where else can you find an unbiased news station in America but in CNN.
USB wrote:CNN is the most liberal Television News station in America. It welcomes commentators like the Right wing ideologist, spokesman for the Conservatives Glenn Beck. Where else can you find an unbiased news station in America but in CNN.

Ted Turner’s founder of CNN aka Castro News Network, is outspoken about his leftwing political views. He calls himself “a socialist at heart.” He is a long time admired of Fidel Castro, whom he called “one hell of a guy.” He told a class at Harvard Law School, “You’d like him. He has been the leader of Cuba for 40 years. He’s the most senior leader in the world, and most of the people that are still in Cuba like him.” Paraphrasing your statement, where else can you find a biased news station in America but in CNN?
With due respect, sir Sandokan, you argument cannot given merit. Is it just because Ted Turner is a self-proclaimed socialist that we cannot expect unbiased reporting? I am a socialist closet communist but I pay lip service to the incumbent President of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino as the legitimate president. Why then do we negotiate peace initiatives with him if I, a peacebroker, do not consider him legitimate? He is pro-capitalist and also a feudal landlord. Despite my role as incumbent leader of the Communist of the Philippines-New People's Army I do not condone terrorist acts like what my predecessor Jose Maria Sison does. I urge my comrades not to surrender but abstain from planting land mines. I ENCOURAGE revolutionary taxation but I condemn recruitment of minors. The past Chairman Jose Maria Sison encourages more terrorist acts. I do not. I believe that a revolutionary stalemate can be achieved by abstaining from terrorist acts thereby rallying the people to wage war against the imperialist puppet regime dominated by the Armed Forces of the Philippinnes. So you see even if Ted Turner was owner of CNN he can be objective annd unbiased in welcoming journalist reporting from rightwingers like Anderson Cooper annd Wolfe.
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I'm confused, I didn't know there was a relationship between Italians in Cuba and Phillipino communists. The Castro regime isn't communist anyway - they have, like all communist regimes, evolved into klepto fascism. Communists, of course, are well known for not having a working justice system - which means those Italians may or may not be guilty. If you are a communist in the Phillipines, you should be aware of this fact - whatever you fight for will fail - if you are honest, other "communists" will probably kill you, the "revolution" will cause pain and suffering, people will flee, and eventually "communist party members" will become the new ruling oligarchy.

You are doomed to fail. You always fail because communists base their system on a worthless theory written by a fairly humdrum ignoramus known as Karl Marx, and they can't figure out how to run a modern society. If you want to know what happens to communism, go to China, or visit Lybia. You'll learn a lot.
Economic insecurities resulting in stress and psychological disorders and poverty are reasons why communism is valid in the Philippines. The apathy one feels when they see a beggar picking leftover food in Smokey Mountain which is a dumping ground for trash collected by garbage collectors are serious grounds to reconsider communism, sir social critic. Hunger that lasts for days can cause one to commit crimes against property. Crimes against property and chastity are non-existent in communist countries. They are common crimes under capitalist Philippines. You should know the reasons why. (Sexism, manipulating the minds of the masses to buy foreign made products like beauty kits, etc, pornography).

Yes, there are communists who attempted to kill me. These are the bad communists. Communists who commit human rights violations like the ones who massacred hundreds of families in Digos. Communists who plant land mines. Communists who smoke Marlboro, listen to American music and patronize foreign owned gasoline stations and foreign products. These atrocities were all condoned and encouraged by the past Chairman, Jose Maria Sison and his son Janos Sison. These are the communists whom Mao labelled as "devils".

No matter how harrassed, provoked and threatened I am here in the Philippines and Canada, I would not forsake my CPP-NPA comrades who risk their lives in the mountains waging an armed struggle to establish a communist regime. The AFP together with evil manipulative members of the CPP-NPA, the devils, have attempted to murder me so many many times. Maybe the reason why I am still alive is that my supporters and supportive comrades in the CPP-NPA comprise of the majority in the Party.They are the good God-saved non-murderous NPAs. Maybe I am destined to lead them to victory in our quest to establish a humane communist regime devoid of exploitation and poverty.

Remember Leon Trotsky's name was embedded in the annals of history as one of the villains in the theatre of communist politics. We also have our own 'trotsky' in the persons of Jose Maria Sison and Janos Sison, COLD BLOODED murderers!!
The trafficking of Cuban children for commercial sex, are encourage by their families to obtain food or money. Hotel workers, taxi drivers and the security personnel involved in the tourist industry, facilitate the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children by tourists, meanwhile the corrupt regime authorities look the other way
The regime provides very little information on child prostitution, and block human right organizations from finding out about human rights abuses. The regime doesn’t acknowledge that child sex trafficking exist. The regime economy profits from sex tourism in order to prop up the worker's paradise. It is ironic that the regime, because its economic problems and the revenue the sex trade generates, allow it to attracts more tourists. As Yoani Sanchez says, “the cycle of sex for money comes full circle.” What a shame.

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