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Relax @Elyzabeth! Don't get your panties in a bunch! I was just having a little fun with the topic. :D A lot of us are "taking a piss".

I do not actually think bicycles need to be licensed. Don't we license enough stuff already?
:eek: Do we need to license everything that can potentially hurt us?

Bicycles don't normally kill people. Contact with the ground or automobiles is usually the culprit.

Do we license all sports? People get hurt all the time in amateur sports and yet we aren't licensing frisbees, footballs and soccer balls. Pedestrians get hurt jogging. Do we have jogging licenses?
Bicycles are deadlier than firearms. I would support any bill that outlawed them permanently as they are a threat to both the user and everyone around them. Failing that, I would settle for a law that required all cyclists to dismantle their bike while in the presence of pedestrians, drivers, children, etc. so that we can once again walk our streets safely.
SpecialOlympian wrote:Bicycles are deadlier than firearms.

Yes, this is true, but vaginas are even more deadly.

The whole MeToo disaster has demonstrated the danger that non-licensed vaginas can cause. Which is why I support licensing vaginas rather than bicycles, which have never spawned a MeToo movement.
Godstud wrote:I agree that you should wear a helmet, but you should not HAVE to wear a helmet. It's your own well-being at stake here. If you want to take the risk of dashing your brains out, then that's up to you. We don't need stupid laws!

I, and most people I know, grew up without wearing bicycle helmets. In fact, the only person I know who suffered brain trauma, was wearing a helmet when he was doing BMX racing and got in an accident.

I am also for removing seat-belt laws(for adults). Let people police their own personal safety. It shouldn't be society's responsibility to protect you from your own stupidity.

I think that seat belt laws can only be done away with if the gahmen provides ZERO subsidies or payments for trauma/healthcare costs.

Once the govt is involved in paying such costs, then it becomes imperative for the govt to enforce strictly the seat belt (and other road safety rules) to ensure prudent gahmen annual expenditure on healthcare costs. Strictly enforcing road safety related laws also keeps ambulance use to minimum meaning prudent gahmen spending of tax payers money on healthcare costs on trauma related hospitalization and related rehabilitation costs.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's actually something we should do. Seat-belts save innumerable lives, and injuries. That's been proven. What I am saying is that there needs to be personal responsibility, as well. I know that's a very conservative thing to say, but it's also a fact.
PS Does Elyzabeth remind anyone of Olly the Brit?

Not very much. Did we used to have a poster called cerberus? He's so much like him, he could be him. I might be thinking of somewhere else.

The reason we in Britain have seatbelt laws is because of years of lobbying by doctors who used to have to deal with terrible injuries caused by drivers and passengers being flung through the windscreen, or having to be be prised off steering wheels - which happened more or less on a daily basis.

Same goes for mandatory motorbike helmets, except riders were cluttering up the roads with their brains and stuff.

Bike riders don'd do so much damage to their heads, themselves or other people, which is why wearing a helmet is not compulsory over here.
BicCherry wrote:I think that seat belt laws can only be done away with if the gahmen provides ZERO subsidies or payments for trauma/healthcare costs.

In that case, the government should stop covering the costs of most obesity-related and depression-related illnesses if the "victim" watches television or is sedentary for more than five hours each day.

TV watching is far more dangerous than cycling.
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