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By nunoMS
Please read it and try to see my points, do try to not just label me (in this case it would be easy).

A email i have been sending to pretty much everyone, looking for help.

At this point i couldn´t care less about my personal information.

If you have contacts on the places that i mention please do get in touch with them before replying.

Mods, if you see something that is not ok please remove.

I have a need for you to actively participate in a solution for this.

Still no reply from anyone.

Regarding my claims about what happened in the airports (lisbon, zurich) specially in Lisbon check-in line and a little before, they are all very easily verifiable by the cams footage if needed and if they have enough resolution you can even see the customized t-shirts sweatshirts that are in my field of view, not to mention my first week here in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen and this last weekend (saturday) they were pretty much anywhere i go (streets).

To me it is clear that the refugee camp is now "being run" (for the lack of a better word) by the criminal organization that is stalking me, people are way better dressed and looks like their own buying power have increased a lot since i got here (it´s what i observe), mind you a guy even come to me and thanked me but then when i made conversation he was evasive.

Idk, but to me seams like Swiss politicians are colluding with Portuguese politicians and maybe even these what looks like political ties organization that is stalking me and i can´t identify.

Apparently, is a very good time to be a refugee in Kreuzlingen while i´m here and it is even better if you bring your family.

Another thing i noticed from my room window while looking at the general area was a conversation between 3 guys (one of them a "deaf-mude" ) one of them passing he´s finger on the throat and putting he´s hand on the sky (what looked like to me: go to heaven) one other guy made a rifle sign with he´s hand followed by a "no no" gesture and then took he´s hand to the mouth (what looked mike a symbol of food to me) and then made a zero with the hand. They repeated more or less this a few times until they seamed to noticed me and started to make coin trick with their hands... i don´t think anything like that will/would happen to me but i wanted to put in writing some of the stuff i notice.

I had send i email in advance before o got here so to prevent this kind of stuff, it was to no veil.

I remember again that not only people are profiting from my privacy/intimacy but what looks like worldwide media companies are getting inspiration from my life to make soap operas, movies, tv, music... mind you, i´m pretty sure that every actor from the last billion dollar revenue Star Wars: the force awekens is a Millionaire just for participation on that film, (film that i can recognize and pretty sure not only me) the movie story inspired on me and this is going on for 16 years and counting.

Check the first post on were i mention some tv veries episodes that every scene/take i can recognise on my life...

Again, i would like to remember that in these 16 years i have been living in sub-human conditions (constant fear inducing, financial segregation, active social segregation, emotional segregation...)

To the world leaders:

(Obama, Theresa May/David Cameron, Francois Holland, Putin, Jinping, Angela Merkel...) ....and apparently even the catholic church is on this too... Pope Francis.

And to the Portuguese politicians since 2000:

(Marcelo Rebelo Sousa, Cavaco Silva, Jorge Sampaio, Antonio Costa, Pedro Passos Coelho, Jose Socrates, Santana Lopes, Durao Barroso, Antonio Guterres).

if the lot of you want´s to erase me from History that is fine, i couldn´t care less (after all it only reflects on your very own maturity level) but i live in the present and in the present wherever i go everyone knows me, this is a fact.

Ensuring/forcing a life of misery (mine) like the last 16 years and apparently it is to go on while everyone watching you allowing this to go unpunished is something new to me. To me it is clear there are Human rights violations, civil rights violations and full blown criminal activity that politicians are actively protecting.

My heart problem (it is better now but still not good) wasn´t due to anxiety or any other natural form, to me it looked like it was induced and is very uncomfortable to be a "public figure" having these kind of issues and knowing that you can´t "get" any layer of security by yourself.

Many people have made a lot of money with my situation and i want compensations for that (worldwide media is a multi trillion industry and can easily afford that) and i want my privacy back, regarding the Portuguese criminal organization with political ties that is monetizing my intimacy/privacy i can only address that with the help a lawyer that is willing to do a "pro-Bono".

I feel that having Portuguese politicians on positions of influence is something of not good to my cause (of my freedom) so to the Chinese Communist party: why backing up Guterres so openly to UN general secretary ? He was refugee commissioner and that is a total mess when you look at it.

Is it because he trows great dinner parties?

To human rights watch, amnesty international, UN human rights high commissioner... your all "intelligence agencies" and in 16 years you didn´t produced a valid/usable report regarding this situation, luckily Christmas bonus is just around the corner, apparently it´s all that matters to the lot.

To the lawyers, i´m still looking for legal aid, please help me find legal aid, so that i can live "in the real world", these people won´t talk with me directly maybe they can do it with you and in all honesty i prefer to have a lawyer to serve has proxy.

I´m contacting mostly ICC court lawyers, please talk with each other and colleges from other areas, i really need for you to be on my side.

My "segregation" won´t stop until you offer your help to me, this has to be addressed.

Also it appears that my mobile phone SIM CARD that was in a zipper locked exclusive compartment in my pocket wallet found it´s way out of there and never to be seen.

Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 1:18 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fw: Portuguese social stalking


Please use your diplomacy/influence on this.

It's my life.

I would like to know if my identity has/is being used/abused In the USA in the last 16 years or anywhere else for that matter.

Nuno Miguel Marques Simoes

To the Portuguese, reading all this can you please investigate my case.

Thank You.


Please talk with your colleges from ICC and others, i do need this.

Near a week ago i came to Switzerland to start my life again.

After what happened in Nice France, i decided to take a safer step and ask for asylum.

In the way to Kreuzlingen and all the way from lisbon airport i noticed a few people with what i describe has passive-agressive behavior towards me for no reason (like full front staring straight at me from at 2 meters away in Lisbon airport ) also saw some "tactics" (for lacking a better word) like they did at Nice City (t-shirts sweatshirts with brandless customized writings like i describe a couple of emails bellow.

If you don't know any of this and even if you think is crazy talk i ask you make a few calls to friends.

I would like you to look into this, i do need someone on my side.


Btw, these people have all my passwords and i have lost access to my email account [email protected] were i was sending these emails asking for help.


I'm not sure anymore how i can persuade anyone to give me some much needed meaningful help.

I am for now in Kreuzlingen refugee camp... I walked all over the city of Kreuzlingen and lots and lots of people recognized me i also dabbled in Konstanz and it was the same, same for Nice France and same for Marseille, basectly everywhere i go.

Most of these people look at me recognize me and look down or to the side until they have pass me, my "fame"even ´reached the camp i'm at (apparently the people "stalking" me reached to people in the camp giving them high quality brandless customized shirts and other merchandising with writings like ( ex: straight out of the rules - fuck you, keep fighting and go to valhala, forget your dreams - care is your business, behind the blue).

I imagine they are "playing" with the refugees to keep me there and giving them stuff and probably money (is my guess), a couple of days or so when most people on the ground (refugees, securitas, workers) knew my situation i seen all kinds of awkward behavior (one guy a Saudi every time he passes by me he just opens wide he's eyes and looks everywhere just to not make eye contact i could tell much more on this).

Apparently i'm known pretty much everywhere in the world, awesome.

Sadly i only have pocket change and if i leave the camp i will be a homeless person.

Mind you i have been deprived of pretty much everything this last 16 years, i would say cattle like treatment (constant fear inducing, active social isolation, segregation, financial constrain, even food had to be given to me), believe it or not even these people "messed" with my heart health (i had heart arrhythmia when the week before and that week i had been doing 25 km minimum daily walking in mountain routes) i know my own health and i can identify changes to it.

I'm being recognized on the streets (in country's different from were i live and in towns were i didn't previously visited) i didn't do anything on my own for that to happen.

Has you can see if you read all this mail i have tryed to reach to all sorts of lawyers to help me now i'm reaching to ICC court lawyers, mates you defended II world war criminals, red kmher's.... can't you please extend your help to me?

It has been 16 years... If you can't for whatever reason, can't you please actively try to find someone that will help me? or even the very least tell me the source that is making me famous (phone app... internet...) so that i can move forward.

Please help me, these people wont talk to me, maybe you can serve has proxy, i imagine is political people and i perceive that it's been tried to "pass" a image of me has immature or even violent.

Mind you, i'm not a immature person and my mental health is good (more then willing to be subjected to a mental evaluation).

Unfortunately i have a need of you extend me your services to handle this matter.


Please have a look at:

Please, please expose this.

Although my writing may be erratic, my claims are real and verifiable!

Do read it all if nothing else (read: if you don't find me believable)... it has a "investment opportunity (ingame deeds)" in a Swedish MMO that have a ROI of 25% year...... and have been so for the last 6 years.

Even the catholic church have shown interest in me what is very scary to me.

It's easy to project a "label" at me, please be assertive.

My image is being used without my permission.
Music,tv (several tv series) and cinema (from what i can tell pretty much everywhere.. USA,UK...) is creating content inspired in my life, im persecuted and even persecuted by police has they have lied about me using foul language on them and threaten them (most likely will go to prison) and i live in extreme poverty.

News Media knows this but doesn't publish it.

Don't dismiss this email at first glance, please.
(i do know it does sound insane), if you don't know just use your network to find out. Do allocate some of your resources into this even if is just a bit of time.

I have a need of legal aid.

please help me get out of this nightmare.
I have no privacy (physical and online for sure) and i have been/am socially segregated.

Nuno Simoes
By Decky
It is possible Mossad were involved? Have you done anything that could have drawn you to Israel's attention?
nunoMS wrote:I remember again that not only people are profiting from my privacy/intimacy but what looks like worldwide media companies are getting inspiration from my life to make soap operas, movies, tv, music... mind you, i´m pretty sure that every actor from the last billion dollar revenue Star Wars: the force awekens is a Millionaire just for participation on that film, (film that i can recognize and pretty sure not only me) the movie story inspired on me and this is going on for 16 years and counting.

i mention some tv veries episodes that every scene/take i can recognise on my life...

:eh: Sure, I'll get J. Edgar on the horn and get to the bottom of this.
No offence dude, but me and my wife have been at a good number of volunteer work with the refugees in the past years since we got married, since we have over 2 million refugees everywhere here and are very close to us. And also as a clan member in Baalbak i have been part of several security patrols, normal in Baalbak district, in refugee camps and on border defence. So i do know how refugees are and what are their conditions.
If i got what you're saying right, i can straight up tell you almost everything you said is wrong. and crime organizations who are using refuge camps situations aren't helping refugees nor doing anything to them as you say, its rather typical crime or simply hidding there.
And one very important thing, based on what you said you have been doing, including your travel, i can tell you thats not something the average refugee can do. And even for the "free" stuff like the blog and email posts and even this post, most refugeesdon't have access and probably cant even afford internet nor is it provided for them . While according to you, you have been doing just fine affording this luxury, and you're also doing just fine going around and going between countries and to lawyers and doctors and etc.

And about the privacy stuff, not only no one has that, literally, but further more, your entire message is basically saying : " 'm famous, 'm so special everyone knows me and wants to use me, they all want me for some reason or anther, etc".
Really ? and you're wondering why no one responded yet or wants to avoid you ?

And finally one last point, you're saying the "mob" wants to hurt you or kill you or use you for whatever.
Again, 'm from Baalbak, and its a known fact about Baalbak that if you want any type of weapon, at any amount, and any type of drug at any amount in the entire mideast, you go to Baalbak or to a trader from Baalbak to get it. So i also knows how these groups work and do things, not for anything but because as i said 'm from a clan, Awad clan, and the clans are the ones doing these things.
And if i got to know just one thing how such groups work over my entire life, its that if they want to hurt you, you'd be long dead by now, and if they want to use you for something or generally do something to you whatever that thing is, it'll be done and you hell aint going to be able to spread a word about it, because you'd be dead if you do.

So get real.
By nunoMS
It doesn´t add much but another strange thing was that someone hacked this page:

is a page with just one photo and someone "hacked" it and made the post "nightmare is a lesser description!"

I´m not trying to convince anyone of anything, my intention is for people look into this and help me.

If you look into this and don´t find anything that is ok. If you just want to strait up label me has a mental case that is ok too.
By nunoMS
I don´t spend time on facebook.... that was my point someone felt the need to hack a facebook page that only had a picture has content.

regarding this blog

It´s why i asked for help, the email addresses are all freely found on the net and all content is written by me (mods don´t need to moderate it.).
By nunoMS
Regarding my mental health, i was already forced to a psychiatric evaluation in the last 12 months, the doctor found no pathology and no need for following, this was done in what is accepted has the reference hospital in Portugal "".

Regarding the conditions on the refugee camp i see it has a hostel were a Portuguese criminal organization gives money to the ppl in there.

With social media these days it easy to look it up and to disprove me if anyone wants.
@ nunoMS
Bulaba Jones wrote:Nuno, I mean this seriously when I say that you need to seek psychiatric help as soon as possible. It's in your best interest to stop wasting your time on Facebook and places like this and get yourself help.

This looks like a good advice. At least you will have an interlocutor. Besides, you may consider to change your point of view. Since you have only one life, it would be unwise to have it spoiled. By the way, this is always true, even if someone is burning matches under your toe-nails. Furthermore, you may reconsider your own rights, and those of others. Note that rights are hypothetical, unless they can be enforced. If you do not believe me, I suggest that you study the experiences of workers, who oppose a union on strike. If they are lucky, they will be subjected to mild harassment. However, harassments of their wife and children have also occurred. In rare cases the opposing workers have been murdered - although evidently decent union leaders try to ban excesses. Perhaps someone in the forum with a knowledge of sociology can interpret this within the framework of group processes? Anyway, you may ask yourself if your cause is worth all this misery (this is a rhetorical question, stupid!). :roll:
Bulaba Jones wrote:Nuno, I mean this seriously when I say that you need to seek psychiatric help as soon as possible. It's in your best interest to stop wasting your time on Facebook and places like this and get yourself help.

I agree with you 1000%. No offense to the original poster, but I sense a lot of paranoia and anxiety in his post.
By ness31
NunoMS, when did you first feel like you were being stalked? And where does the 16 year time frame come from?

For the record, I don't think you are crazy, but you come across confused and having difficulty explaining your situation in a way that doesn't make you sound crazy.

Keep calm and remain in control of your emotions. You can get through this weird patch of your life and you might be wiser from the experience ;)

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