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By froggo
When should one be justified to call the cops... for there are some in the world who believe that the police function as an apparatus of state violence, therefore, would calling the cops not be an act of maybe passive aggressive violence? Is it better to defend yourself with your own aggression? If you assume somebody "might" be a danger, does your assumption truly justify you imposing such aggravating and torturous procedures as detainment, incarceration, demoralization, court processes, extensive tax dollars etc... There is a certain kind of person who will instantly call the cops over the tiniest inconvenience or prejudice that they hold.... and then there are those, who would never for any reason call them, a they would not associate with anyone who would... I think of street people, where it would practically makhee a pariah if it were found out that you were a copcaller.... mind you some of these people themselves, enjoy controlling others through fear and violence.....
what do you think....what would it take to make you dial 911? I myself never have and ive seen some scary shit.
You call the cops when it suits your purpose. The government itself is inherently an extension of class dictatorship, but that does not change the fact that you live in these conditions. To not call the police when needed, would be the same as living in a capitalist society and refusing to wear clothes or live in a shelter because they had something to do with capitalism in the end.

Or, conversely, being a capitalist living in feudalism and refusing to eat because of the way the crops were grown.

I would say that you're a fool if you let the cops in your house or car unless extremely necessary.
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By MistyTiger
Hey froggo, long time no see! Good to see you still around.

I would call the cops if someone's or my life was in danger or if a neighbor was doing something suspicious or potentially dangerous.
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By Joka
I don't like cops or the police. I would only call them if I had no other choice to do so as a last resort. I view them all as the government goon squad.
By SolarCross
If you pay taxes then it is a service you are paying for so you may as well get your money's worth (if you can). I wouldn't bother over trivial stuff though as whatever the complaint it is has to be worth the bother of making a statement and possibly being called to court as a witness.
By Agent Steel
After a hit and run. Someone rams his car into yours, so you look and get the license plate number, then call the cops so they can chase him down. You don't want to have to be the one to chase him down, let them do it.
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