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FWIW, the deceased had no weapons on him whatsoever.

He had stabbed himself in the chest with a knife earlier. But he no longer had an weapon of any kind. He was keeping his hands in his pockets and saying that he was going to shoot himself in the head. But he in fact had no weapons at all.

I think all the fences prevent police from grabbing him or tasering him.

This police officer is not going to be charged. But this does not mean that the police handled this well. All of their telling the guy he was not going to die that day, while pointing guns at him, did not go well.

And he always was suicidal.

I also look at how the concept of mental illness played into this, how it shaped the guy's entire life. Basically just an excuse for marginalizing him, from the family, to the mental health system, 'till finally these police.

Maybe they just should have let him run off, or just stood down.
The police officer is not going to be charged.

The video is still disturbing. I also feel that the 'mental illness' label is completely unhelpful, the reason the guys life is so stigmatized.

As far as how the police might have handled that differently, I do not know. Always, people who are suicidal are the most difficult for police to deal with.

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