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By ness31
What's the best way to get noticed on twitter?
By ness31
Well, I obviously asked the wrong question. It should have been, what's the best way to get noticed on PoFo :roll:

Seriously, this is the media section, isn't it?
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By GandalfTheGrey
well I think this forum is more about media as it relates to politics.

I suggest you post these sorts of questions in Gorkiy Park - probably even the "Ask Pofo" subforum
By ness31
You must have missed the way the QANTAS PR campaign was hijacked the other day. If Twitter and social media in general dont relate to politics, then I don't know what does...
By ness31
Ok fine, you win.

Move the thread to Goriky where we can discuss how to showcase cosmetics on Twitter.....Bessemer cookware perhaps?
By ness31
I'm being completely serious now.

Can we have a conversation on how to use twitter. I'm just awful under pressure, and I need a crash course.

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By GandalfTheGrey
I know next to nothing about it. I see lots of twitter comments on ABC shows like Q&A and the Drum, but those are sent to specific addresses. I understand you can also send out messages to the entire world. How that works I don't know. I have never used twitter - never really seen the point. I write meaningless one liners on facebook - works for me.
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By pojut
I give the same advice about Twitter that I give to people on SEO for their websites:

If you write in a natural way about topics that directly relate to your target audience, they'll find you. If you write about nerd stuff, make sure you're writing like you're talking to nerds. If you write about political stuff, make sure you're writing like you're talking to political junkies.

I know this seems obvious, but it's a fundamental mistake that a lot of people make (i.e. they try to appeal to a broad range of people, many of which don't give a crap about what you say because the topic doesn't interest them.)

Be natural and address your target will happen on its own. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.
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