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SSDR wrote:No, you're the one who is being racist for disliking "White" people.

Oh I see, anything that offends whites is racist, even if it's not.

I see how the definitions change now. Calling Blacks N-word is a joke, saying white people can't cook is white genocide.

SSDR wrote: You don't know why you don't like white people you fucking camel.

See even now, you just a hypocrite, complaining about non-existant anti-white racism, yet called me three count em three ethnic slurs against my race(Not even Arab!) So four by that count.

While ignoring the blatant dehumanizing posts against humanity by these whites.

That states you demons are on code regardless of political party.
SSDR wrote:You don't know why you don't like white people you fucking camel. You love to eat sand like a camel lol.

And it wonders why I hate it, though pointless to hate it's nature.

SSDR wrote: Anyways, you don't have a reason to dislike a human race.

I never hated humans, I hated whites, big difference.

SSDR wrote:And there is nothing you can do about it Haha.

Uh, I have a gun....
@Taurean Reign, Anything that you say that makes one race look lower than another (You claimed that whites are bad) is racist, regardless of what race you are talking about. I never said that calling a black person the N-Word is a joke. When did I say that? And where did the terms "White genocide" come from?

You called me an ethnic slur, "Cracker," so I called you an ethnic slur :)

What posts did "Whites" make that was so "dehumanizing?" Give me an example.

So you don't have a reason to dislike white people?

White people are humans. I am an human. Did you just say that white people are not humans?

What the fuck are you gonna do with that gun?
Taurean Reign wrote:Nope the real brainwashing is Fox News not reporting the White supremacist threatening to kill americans.

:roll: By modern standards, the United States was founded by white supremacists for white supremacists. They didn't consider non-whites as part of the people.

Preamble wrote:We the people of the United States [read 'free born white males'], in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves [read 'free born white males'] and our posterity [read 'children of free born white males'], do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Hell, they weren't even considering indentured servants as their equals. You are supposed to hate America. Question: why are you even in America?

Taurean Reign wrote:Oh I see, anything that offends whites is racist, even if it's not.

The term "racist" today typically involves at least one of not agreeing with the Democratic party and opposing the exploitation of third world laborers.

Taurean Reign wrote:I never hated humans, I hated whites, big difference.

So why do you choose to live around them when you could return to East Africa and not be subjected to so many white people that you dislike?

Red_Army wrote:I think we should end it on the agreement that Italians are the worst.

What about Russians?
This points to a most serious problem -fake White Supremacist hate.

You see this dozy twat got caught faking White supremacist hate crime, but if you're half way intelligent you can report fake hate crime with pretty much zero risk of being caught out. Its like when lefties say only 2% of sexual assault claims are fake, that's just the 2% of women who make stupid accusations where they can be proved to be liars.

However there's an even more serious problem, than individuals reporting fake White supremacist hate crime. In the Cold War Soviet agents would often mount fake White supremacist hate campaigns against important Black figures. The Soviet Union worked very hard to poison race relations in the United States. The SU knew they couldn't overthrow liberal societies by frontal assault, they had to be demoralised first.

But the SU weren't the only state to engage in fake hate crime. We know from the Lavon affair that Mossad and its friends were even willing to murder innocent Jewish women and children, in order to be able to blame their enemies and turn Jews into hate filled bigots. In Britain we've recently had the case of Luciana Berger. She was a Jewish Labour MP, notable for her lack of Zionist zeal. I suspect she may well have been targeted by Mossad for the treatment.
Red_Army wrote:Yes it was the Soviet Union that made the US a slave nation, passed Jim Crow, and continued to segregate, jail, and disenfranchise black people. That seems like a good scapegoat for people who don't actually think any of that stuff was bad.

That's right, guys: who cares that the Soviet Union was repressive and violated the basic human rights of everybody... They did it equally.

They had the one & only virtue that the modern Left embraces: they weren't racists.
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