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Bicycles, health and fitness should be New ECONOMIC GROWTH ENGINE for Singapore.
Close down half of all roads and CONVERT to 'public service vehicles' only roads 24/7. Only personal mobility devices (PMD), public bus and public service emergency vehicles can travel on these lanes (just like current bus lanes during operating hours).

At any point of merging (where the current bus lanes are dotted) the speed limit shall be no more than 25kph (which is the PMD speed limit), this is to put all road users on equal footing and to allow each to change lanes carefully and safely before traffic junctions etc.

The minimum width of the public service vehicle lanes shall be two lane width wide to allow a public double decker bus to overtake a PMD with at least 2m sideways clearance. PMD shall travel in single file during public bus service operating hours (unless overtaking) and PMD and public buses have to give way to each other although public buses would be much fewer because majority of public transport trips will be via PMD and metro(subway) mix. After public bus operating hours, PMD may travel 2 or even 3 abreast within the public service vehicle lanes unless the siren of an emergency public service vehicle is heard, where in which case they should immediately keep left to give way. Non eligible motor vehicles which stray into the public service vehicles only lane will be fined and have 3 demerit points awarded per incursion. The speed limit of all electric based PMDs shall be 25kph.

Singapore will transform herself into a fitness Mecca in SE Asia and 'health and fitness lifestyle industry' will be a new economic/ tourism/industry driver where people across the world flock to visit Singapore to experience what really living a healthy and environmentally friendly active lifestyle is all about.
Politicians across the world register to visit Singapore to learn how to combat Urban sprawl, to make their cities more livable for all, combat global warming, traffic gridlock, high stress city environment and to keep diabetes rates, depression and healthcare costs low and affordable for the long run by enabling everyone to live the environmentally and ecofriendly active lifestyle.

Singapore can at last return to the LKY dream of having a city inside a garden and tourists from all over the world will flock to Singapore because the whole Singapore will be their playground, where road journeys on bicycle will have a health and eco friendly cause and where everyone lives in an environment as beautiful as Shangri la hotel.

Shangri la hotel Singapore- all greenery and not a single car in view:

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How the Dutch got their cycling infrastructure
How did the Dutch get their cycling infrastructure? This question keeps coming back because it is of course relevant to people who want what the Dutch have.

Road building traditions go back a long way and they are influenced by many factors. But the way Dutch streets and roads are built today is largely the result of deliberate political decisions in the 1970s to turn away from the car centric policies of the prosperous post war era. Changed ideas about mobility, safer and more livable cities and about the environment led to a new type of streets in the Netherlands.
The recent video to introduce the Dutch Cycling Embassy explains this very briefly, but there is a lot more that can be said about it. That is why I made a longer video for a more in depth look into the history of cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Original source quote for this article:
Aaron_soh80(hwz) wrote:create more lane will cause traffic jam, delay for work or delivery how? wan to use public road? pls aso pay road tax..

No need for any more capital outlay to build more roads, just CONFISCATE existing road space and turn HALF into 'public service vehicle' only use (just like bus lanes, private motor vehicles cannot use, except dotted regions where they may enter before turning left/ enter slip road; at such intersections, the speed limit shall be 25kph).

Main transport mode for majority of commuters will be subway (metro), last mile will be on personal mobility device (PMD). Only people who should be on any form of private motor vehicle are the very rich who will pay high satellite electronic road pricing (ERP) charges for every km that they travel or people ferrying heavy goods or doing deliveries, even then, it will be too holding area before PMD delivery man do the last mile deliveries to save on ERP charges.

PMD will be exempt from ERP and road tax just like for INCOME TAX, the first $20,000 is tax free. Road tax will be charged for cars because the road space and road wear is in excess of the free allowance for PMD, so it is equitable and fair for motor vehicle drivers to pay a high road tax depending on the size of their vehicles (40ft container trailer will probably pay most) whilst PMD pays none.

Parking charges will also be exorbitant because fewer lots will be available. People who wish to travel in limousine service will have to book Uber/Grab/ flag down a taxi

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