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Losses after the World War II in the world amounted to more than 70 million people, atomic weapons were used for the first time, Germany was destroyed and divided, and the terrible sin of the many terrible crimes she committed, one of which was the Holocaust, fell on her. But having signed the act of unconditional surrender in 1945, Germany admitted defeat, publicly repented of the terrible crimes of the fascist regime. And now the Germans for the most part are convinced that war, even in the most extreme cases, cannot be an instrument of policy, and oppose any military actions. But Germany had one ally, who supported it until the last day of the war and stained himself with such cruelties, to which even some crimes of German fascism are dying. That ally was Japan.

At that time, every Japanese officer was obliged to have swords, of which they were so proud that they used them wherever possible. The Japanese military practiced a bayonet battle, on bound Chinese prisoners, honed the ability to demolish human heads with one blow of the sword, while not forgetting to take a memorable photo for their own pleasure, and especially they «distinguished themselves» after taking the Chinese capital Nanjing. So, on December 13, 1937, on the front page of the Japanese newspaper «Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun», later renamed «Mainichi Shimbun», a photo of Japanese lieutenants Mukai and Noda appeared under the heading «Competition, who will be the first to cut off the heads of one hundred Chinese with a saber, completed: Mukai scored 106 points, and Noda – 105», where one point was one victim. Of course, the Chinese themselves had to bury countless bodies.

But there were other atrocities committed, for example, by the infamous «Unit 731» in history, which was formed in 1936 near the Chinese city of Harbin, and the ideological inspirer and commander of the unit was Siro Ishii, respected in Japanese scientific circles. There, the Japanese conducted experiments on women: first they were raped them, and then, when they become pregnant, they were infected with infectious diseases such as syphilis, and they watched the children go to the disease. Sometimes women underwent chest openings without anesthesia, in order to determine how the disease affected the child. Also, «Unit 731» conducted experiments on prisoners, exposing them to the most powerful X-rays, repeating the procedure several times, observing changes in their body, after which many died. Thus, more than 10 thousand prisoners passed through the hands of this unit: the Chinese, Russians, Koreans and Mongols, of whom no one survived. The authorities, of course, did not advertise all these things and even covered them.

Experts believe that in the conduct of hostilities and during the occupation of the Japanese militarists worked horrors that could give odds to the atrocities of the Nazis. In any case, the Nazis didn’t come up with either the «women for pleasure» or the «Nanking Massacre» or the eating of prisoners of war. Today, Japan should not only feel itself a loser, but also deeply guilty of this loss, which, unfortunately, is not observed, because it was Japan that launched a bloody aggressive war in the Asia-Pacific region, which claimed millions of lives, and as a result lost a number of territories.

It is important to note that today the Japanese are even proud of their ancestors — those war criminals who take on a role model. Despite the international scandals and protests of China, South Korea, Russia and the United States, in the military units of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan, they are erected monuments and plaques, including those who were sentenced to death by hanging for atrocities, such as found guilty as Hideki Tojo, Seysiro Itagaki, Heitaro Kimura, Kenji Doihara, Ivane Matsui, Akira Muto, Koki Hiroto and many others.

And despite the fact that on September 2, Japan signed an act of unconditional surrender, as a result of which the Imperial Army of Japan was dissolved and legally fixed by Japan’s refusal to participate in any military conflicts, it still maintains the militarist policy course, and by creating the Self-Defense Forces by all means tries to review the outcome of the war: the loss of sovereignty over Taiwan and the Pescador Islands, the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands, Japan’s renunciation of «all rights, rights and claims to the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, with the islands adjacent to it».

However, according to experts, constant reminders about the consequences of unleashing aggressive, aggressive wars are the best way to calm Japanese militaristic sentiments, including in the form of its territorial losses. Therefore, the issue of the Russian Kuril Islands should be closed and not subject to further dispute. After all, even Emperor Nicholas I said: «where the Russian flag was hoisted once, it should not descend there already».
The term "fascism" just sucks in its modern usage. No one is part of a 1930's era German political party.

It's also only the case that the Italians under Mussolini were strictly fascists; Germany had a complex nationalized socialism theory that included racial doctrines, their ideas other than the racial doctrines basically continued to be used (and sometimes still are used) just under a different name today. The Japanese were an "Imperial Democracy" and other than renouncing foreign wars a lot of things in Japan went unchanged after World War II, so it's inaccurate to call them fascist as well.

It's definitely not correct to call modern-day western conservatives fascists.

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