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By Ter
Rancid wrote:Depends on who's account you follow.

Jews blame the Romans for killing Jesus.
Christians blame the Jews.
Historians tend to side with the Jewish account of the killing of Jesus.

The reason the Christians blamed Jews instead of Romans is because they were trying to convert Romans to the new religion.

I think the Arabs did it.
They were already up to no good in the old days.
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By Godstud
Everyone was just plagiarizing from the Buddhists, anyways. They did it 500 years earlier. :p
MrWonderful wrote:Haeckel was exposed by professor L. Rutimeyer of Basle University. He was charged with fraud by five professors, and ultimately convicted in a university court. During the trial, Haeckel admitted that he had altered his drawings, but sought to defend himself by saying:

“I should feel utterly condemned and annihilated by the admission, were it not that hundreds of the best observers and biologists lie under the same charge. The great majority of all morphological, anatomical, histological, and embryological diagrams are not true to nature, but are more or less doctored, schematized and reconstructed” (Bowden, Malcolm. 1977. Ape-Men: Fact or Fallacy? Bromley, England: Sovereign Publications, p. 128)

Today, one hundred fifty years later, hundreds of thousands of biologists lie under the same charge and pretend they are scientific and rational while doing so.
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