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Godstud wrote:You wouldn't know a "leftist" if they came up and bit you on the nose. :lol:

"LOL." You seem to think you're pretty funny. Farmers have a saying. "When you throw a corncob into a pigsty, the one who squeals is the one you hit." You squealed, didn't you. "LOL."

Godstud wrote: Define "leftist", please. Is it a "Liberal"? A Communist? A Socialist? Someone who merely disagrees with you?

Do you know what a "right winger" is? How about a "Trump supporter"?
Define those please.

A Leftist is someone who believes America is racist, sexist, unfair, greedy, and needs to be more like Europe.
A Leftist is someone who believes women can murder their unborn babies and if you disagree with that, shut the hell up.
A Leftist is someone who KNOWS that they are better than you, more moral than you, smarter than you, more *scientific* than you, so shut the hell up.
A Leftist is someone who wants everyone to be equal. The 500 savage hunter-gatherers on North Sentinel Island in the Andaman Sea are the most equal society on earth! They all subsist on zero dollars a day. They have nothing and they kill anyone who comes ashore. Leftist paradise. No big oil companies, no rich people, no Trump, no Constitution, and no plastic straws.
Leftists move there, please, now.
See? :lol: Anyone who doesn't agree with you, is a "leftist". I can see you used to be on 4chan and Reddit, where this accusation shuts down the argument. What is your argument, again?

Fuck America. I'm not American, and you should remember that most posters here are not. America is a nation. It's not racist. Many Americans are racist, however.

Abortion laws cause unsafe abortions. Period. That's simply fact.

Science is important. If you dismiss it, then you are stupid. Morality does not enter into it.

Equality of opportunity is not the same equality of outcome.

Any country without a racist, asshole, bigot in charge(Trump), would be much better than with it. Your ramblings are just that @MrWonderful. Childish, and off-topic.
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