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Pedestrians should always keep left to maintain order on the streets
(Cars drive on the left side of the road in Singapore BTW)

(Just like when using the SMRT escalators), so that there can be safe and orderly use of public paths and PMDs users can safely overtake pedestrians en route instead of causing a mini traffic jam/ miscommunication accidents because pedestrians and PMD (Personal mobility devices) users do not know which side to take (like deer in headlights) whenever passing each other by.

SMRT escalators:

Many more will be using PMD like bicycles and e-scooters and even e-wheelchairs for transport/ work like food/parcel delivery services, elderly persons with amputations/ weak knees also need space so that their e-wheelchairs can pass/ overtake. It is important for pedestrians to be considerate and keep to the left at all times and not walk in a zig zag fashion or be engrossed with handphone texting or listen to loud music in earphones whilst walking.

Singaporeans need to learn to care and share more with each other and not adopt the entitlement mentality wherever they go.


Grange Road crossing at Orchard Road, towards 313 Somerset:
Now enhanced with sign board:

Outram MRT, (signs n floor markings insufficient, need temporary barriers as well):Image

Buona Vista MRT interchange, permanent barriers installed :

Bishan MRT:

First written December 2017, this is an improved version. This one is retrievable at https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/curr ... t118080201
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