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Pollution, global warming, urbanisation etc.
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SolarCross wrote:No, it isn't. Well, we are still evolving and now we have all this technology we will evolve even faster so we will get more different faster. Some may say genetically engineered cyborgs with thousand year life spans are not particularly human anymore. In that sense "human" civilisation is doomed, but trans-human civilisation will conqour at least the galaxy and probably still be living it up like norse gods long after all the stars go out. Just saying.

And you accuse commies of having unrealistic aspirations.... :lol:
Potemkin wrote:And you accuse commies of having unrealistic aspirations.... :lol:

I accuse commies of being murderous literal cretins living in the past. I do not think any of you even have aspirations worth a damn. You are basically just ants in human skin suits.
Potemkin wrote:Actually, there have been far more than five extinction events; those are just the biggest ones. The current 'extinction event' isn't even a blip on the radar screen yet. And the rapid rate of extinctions isn't even unprecedented; as I pointed out, the end-Cretaceous event was far faster.


That does not change the fact that the current extinction event is comparable to these five others.

And I pointed out that the extremely rapid rate of extinction for the end of the Cretaceous era was because the cause of the extinction was a massive singular event.

Because we're a bunch of fuckups, that's why. :lol:

No, seriously. Human civilisation is doomed. It is unsustainable because of the resource depletion and climate change which it inevitably triggers. The good news is that the collapse of our civilisation will likely save the rest of the planet from the worst of our fuckery. We can't even cause a proper extinction event. Lol.

Even at a worst case scenario in terms of emissions, we will definitely last until the next century. At that date, about half of all plant and animal species will be gone.

And at that point, even if we started a civilisational collapse, the legacy of our pollution would continue the negative impacts, so the extinction rate would continue and could even accelerate.
Pets are stupid, get a human instead. They are much useful, at least they will do some chores and you don't have to worry about their shit. You might need to train them for it, though.
Godstud wrote:Yes, but humans are even more damaging to the planet than dogs.

I venture that the planet damages humans (and dogs) more than the other way around. We should get rid of it.
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