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To try to limit suburban sprawl and protect open spaces like forest and farmland, the progressive Left in Oregon passed a law in 1973 to protect nature from urban encroachment.

This essentially drew a limit around cities, beyond which they were not able to further expand out.

But due to large population increases due to immigration, these same progressive Left politicians are under pressure to start repealing this law.

Sorry wide open space and the environment!

While some of these people are coming from other countries, the majority are coming from the state of California. However, that is ultimately caused by foreign immigration too. Because the reason so many people from California have been pouring out into other states is due to immigration from foreign countries into California, which has resulted in overcrowding and housing shortages, pushing many people in California to move.

"I can't overstate it," says Megan Horst, an urban planning professor at Portland State University. "All that farmland would likely be a sea of strip malls and subdivisions, as they are pretty much anywhere else in the country."

Trade-offs, trade-offs, huh?

The progressive Left is finding that sacrifices have to be made.

"A housing shortage is testing Oregon's pioneering land use law. Lawmakers are poised to tweak it", Claire Rush, Associated Press, February 24, 2024

This isn't just a story about Oregon. The same thing is happening in lots of places.

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