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By Attica
You mean 'you' don't.
As long as the United States is more Liberal than Conservative, gimme the U.S any day over the Chinese.
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By Abood
You're pretty fucking stupid if you'd rather China rule the world than the US.

The whole anything-ever-is-better-than-the-US thing some leftists have going on is pretty juvenile.
This is addition to the 71 F-18s you already have? None of these are "stripped down" versions and all of them were recently upgraded.

Australia has about 100 front line attack aircraft right now. That is nothing to be scoffed. It is a formidable force.

As far as most American people are concerned Australia is a nation of drunks who make great steaks headed by a guy named Crocodile Dundee.

Australia is like my penus. Everybody knows its down there and nobody cares.
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By Abood
What's a penus?
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By killim
Thats a P-E-N-I-S in filter-speak.

Hey, new zeland unbitched itself. By refusing US nuclear vessels access,...

I guess your governement told you so. Like the japanese governemt told the Japanese :D
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By Typhoon
'Stripped down' is a referance to how the aircraft are supplied by the manufacturer rather than a knock off monkey model, think IKEA flat pack. :)

What happened to the F-35s Australia was purchasing?

Still thinking of purchasing them and if Australia is considered a Bitch now wait till these 'dogs' turn up!
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By Cookie Monster
Australia is already like a mini-United States while New Zealand is like Canada.
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By Igor Antunov
Australia is a mini canada. Our government is very liberal compared to US and our social and healthcare programmes would be termed as outright socialism in the US.

New Zealand is a mini Australia.
A penus is what you call a penis in Australia. Only bigger.
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By Rojik of the Arctic
With any luck one of them will have an engine failure and crash into Igor's house (after the pilot bails out successfully) so we never have to listen to his traitorous whining anymore.
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By Igor Antunov
You just wished death upon me and my family. If you were worthy of being called human, I would be offended. But alas animals do not offend me.
We don't wish you or your family death. We wish you would consider becoming a trappist though. How your family would feel about this would be an interesting thing to know.
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By Rojik of the Arctic
You just wished death upon me and my family. If you were worthy of being called human, I would be offended. But alas animals do not offend me

Whether you are offended or not makes little difference to me, as does your insult to me. I have been called worse and no doubt will again. I've also read far too many of your posts that denigrate, and even want to dismantle and destroy everything I love about my country than to see your attitude to it as nothing less than traitorous.
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By Rojik of the Arctic
^ Verily and that has destroyed my position like thy had cut the head off a snake. :roll:

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