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When wondering the internet you see some things that just make you stop and think and this article on Boeings export of the F-15 silent eagle (the new stealthy modified one) to Korea is one of them:

Boeing's goal at programme launch in March 2009 was to reduce the RCS signature to a level equivalent with the frontal-aspect stealth of the "international release version" of the F-35.

http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/20 ... light.html

:eek: Did I hear correctly? The export version of the F-35, the one the likes of the UK & most of Europe, Isreal and Australia are considering spending billions of dollars on is going to have its best face (frontal RCS) no better than a souped up, botoxed, 1960's, fundamentaly non-stealth fighter! Now thats either a really good job that Boeing have managed with the F-15 or we are seriously ******!

Say Osbourne, I got a budget cut you might be interested in, the F-35.
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By Igor Antunov
Of course, all the little puppets are just serving their US master, giving away their expertise and know-how only to get shafted later on like the expendable future battlegrounds they are.
By Zerogouki
thats either a really good job that Boeing have managed with the F-15

This one.

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