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With the General Youtube Thread doing so well in Gorkiy Park, I thought its high time we had one of these here. After all the only thing better than talking about somthing blowing up is watching somthing blow I right? 8)

Anyway 2010 has been a very interesting year for this kind of stuff, with lots of interesting things getting posted on the web.

So to start the ball rolling is a recent release, with great weather and even nicer interior shots of the Beech Transporter Erector Launcher and Radar. Presenting Tactical Drills at Kaspustin Yar with a Beech Unit.

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By MB.
I swear to god, if either of those videos are UK only...
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By Spike Spiegel
Željava Air Base, situated on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina under Plješevica Mountain, near the town of Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the largest underground airport and military airbase in the former Yugoslavia and one of the largest in Europe.


Crazy French pilots

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By Typhoon
Todays offering courtesy of the Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, a sales pitch for their Irbis-E radar. Probably one of the best illustrations of an electronic scanning radar performing various modes of operation like track while scan and ground mapping in addition to interleaved modes on the web (feel free to correct me :.).


I swear to god, if either of those videos are UK only...

;) Well im going to keep posting a few a day as long as I can from the archives (gonna try and make next christmas), some will be links as well as no kind spirited militarist has flashed them yet. Some may even be ones no one else on the web has noted yet, so stay tuned but hopefully most things will be new and of interest to people here...and accessible!

Željava Air Base,

:eek: Never seen footage of there before, its like the MiG-21 meets Half-Life! Those French pilots in North Africa remind me of when I have seen British Harriers and Tornados running through the glacial vallys of Snowdonia, fantasic flying though sadly a rarer sight in the UK I fear...
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By Spike Spiegel
They remind me of Ace Combat 3 I used to play on PlayStation. You have to be crazy or stupid to fly like that.



How true do you think this lecture is?
I know Indian fighters later denied some of the things he said.
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By Typhoon
How true do you think this lecture is?

Well the speaker does make a number of factual errors (engine and radar types, ignorance over the Su-30's foreign object protection) and is certainly performing for the home crowd so its easy to dismiss him if desired. A lot of what he says is specific to the IAF and has been address by them, but really I think he confirms what we already know. That late model Sukhoi's are superior to the teens but outmatched by the F-22 (not that the aircraft would be happy in a within visual range situation). His high praise for the MiG-21 is interesting but then modern weapons/sensors, a small signature and a big jammer are a powerful combination...

Todays its back to the range with Pantsyr showing off its potent anti-munitions capability...

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By MB.
One contemporary and two golden oldies from my collection:



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By MB.
Two more classics:



And a bonus; not real, but about as real as it is going to get in this day and age (and the message is best WELL REMEMBERED):

"It is well to dream of glorious War... in a snug arm-chair at home. But it is a very different thing to see it, first-hand."

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By Spike Spiegel
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By U184
Would the OP mind if video sources other than YouTube were utilized in the>The Armed Forces YouTube Thread?
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By U184
Nice little toy, the Rapid Eye. Quick deployment worldwide in an hour.
What every solider could use.
The pack mule, could come in hand but needs to have a muffler.
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By Typhoon
Informative video about on the RT-23 Molodets showing its manufacture and many innovations to solve the problems of a rail mobile missile (where to put the overhead power lines etc.). Finale is footage of a missile launch after withstanding a 9 kT blast from a distance of >1km, a demonstration of the systems survivability!

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By Typhoon
Ever wondered how easy it is to destory a small fast target on the high seas? Quite difficult if you consider the following videos, if you have the wrong kind of weapons.[url][/url]

CIWS (20 mm) vs RIB

The link HERE shows an equally mixed performance from DDG 86 in 2005 firing a mix of rounds, though just to be show that it can be done here is a video of a vessel from the Netherlands using a mix of missile and most importantly 76 mm.

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By Igor Antunov
General 2009 clips of Chinese military exercises. Excuse the stale song and the nuclear bomb at the end.

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