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Documentary on the commissioning of the Vladimir Monomakh, lots of unusual footage of the interior of the submarine, the ballistic missiles and their construction including the famous hyperbaric welding process that intrigued the West during the Cold war.


For comparison ...

Russian groundforces:



Some good tank films have appeared recently, in the early 90's Sweden got a few T-80 to trial against the Centurion and the S-tank under different conditions...


Demonstrates pretty well the advantages of sticking a gas turbine in your tank in terms of mobility. I do wonder to what extent these trials influenced the decision to adopt the Leopard 2?

The next film shows armor demonstrations on the T-80 made in the wake of the disasters in Chechnya to demonstrate that the tanks armor was up to specification. Tests on the T-72 have been released before but I do not remember the T-80 being demonstrated.

SAA helicopter dropping barrels over Idleb governorate from high altitude.


I'm not really sure these are barrel bombs, today's barrel-bombs are different from the ones from two years ago, they actually look more like bombs than like barrels. They appear to have parachutes protruding from under the lid and are possibly the same batch of supplies meant for the forces besieged in Jish al-Shughur National Hospital that missed their target and ended up in rebel hands as seen here:



The upgraded D variant of China’s J-11 fighter jet, a copy of the Russian Sukhoi Su-27, has made its maiden flight, Chinese media reported. The jet reportedly has new radar and an air refueling system. China was the first foreign country to buy Russian Su-27s in the early 1990s. Over a decade it purchased a manufacturing license for the jets and managed to copy the design to produce it from domestic parts.

Trooping the Colour, 11 June 2016, Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday celebration and parade. Household Cavalry, Coldstream Guards, 6 companies, Guard's Division, Welsh and Irish Guard bands. Lt. Col. James Thurstan, 1st Battalion CO. + Royal Field Horse Artillery 13 pdr salute & RAF flyover.
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