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1991 footage of one of the largest weapons caches in Yugoslavia exploding for hours after retreating Serb forces blew it up. Notice all the activated rockets flying out of the smoke. The surrounding area is still full of explosive devices of all kinds and cleanup only started last week after two Roma scrap collectors entered the clearly marked and cordoned off area and collected a Darwin award instead.

Quite interesting development from Ukraine with 90 mm guided shell appeared recently.


Idea itself is not new but first application I believe in this guise.

Advantages of an accurate 4 km range projectile with 550 mm penetration should be obvious, expensive but substantial increase in firepower.
Shocking footage but incredible to watch and much better than Hollywood. Not for the squeamish. The series of IED attacks around the 19min mark are crazy.
^ There have been a number of incidences of this (I can remember two off the top of my head), really highlights the danger of landing helicopters in contested areas. Even if the airfield is protected, firing from the high ground can overcome defenses. The anti-tank missile has really taken off as a personal artillery for infantry, far more accurate and convenient than a mortar.

Interesting video from Ukraine on the workings of lattice screens against different RPG.


Not entirely effective, would not like to be sitting at the receiving end!
Did the projectile at 2:16 impact the lattice horizontally or wtf was that?

Edit: it may have grazed the ground before impacting the lattice horizontally because it lost stability...on the clip where you see the soldier firing in the distance there is a puff of dust before the actual explosion.
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