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Trust me. The winter warfare stuff I wore did not require movement. You'd bake at -20 C.
U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy is greeted by U.S. servicemembers as she arrives for a day of meetings with airmen and senior Japanese officials at Yokota Air Base, Japan, on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013.
No idea, I'm not really familiar with the black market for high grade military weapons, I'm sure that's limited to actual international criminals. This one is obviously ruined though, and who knows if it even has the actual missile. I do however know that you can get an AK here for about 100 euros and a Thompson M1 for about 170 euros if you find an owner needing some cash. Though illegal, leftover small arms from the war are not really rare in rural homes in areas where fighting occurred, people just keep the stuff because they can. A few years ago in the village where my friend lives they found the current record holder who the news nicknamed Rambo, the guy had a shitload of explosives and machine guns in his basement. Still actual murders with illegal automatic weapons are extremely rare here. (were somewhat more common up to 10 years ago in mafia killings, back when organized crime and related hits were not an oddity - there was even a hit attempt with a rocket launcher (same M80 as mentioned below) which failed but killed a bystander).

More and better pictures here. Definitely Strela-2, two units. No idea if they're loaded. Also an M80 Zolja (Yugoslav LAW launcher copy), two anti-tank mines, what looks like a PMA-3 anti-personnel mine, and some minor munitions and grenades.
How much would that sell for?

According to FAS prices range from $1000-45,000 depending on weapon, seller and buyer. As an older possibly unserviceable weapon this catch would probably be on the bottom end of that scale $1000-5000.

The mines are probably the more dangerous find, would love to make such a discovery myself. Wonder who left them?
Lots of people with weapons after the war here either hid them in places like this "because you never know" or just threw them away here, even if for many years we have a program that anyone can voluntarily hand in illegal weapons to the police with no legal consequences at all, and it's all discreet, they come to your place in a civilian car and clothing.
Funny coincidence, yesterday my friend and myself explored a long-abandoned small farm in the woods, and under the hay in the barn we saw the rifle stock of this sticking out:


The picture is shitty as it's from a crappy cell phone camera.

That's a PAP M59 aka the Yugoslav version of the SKS. Heavily rusted and likely unusable. We did manage to get the bolt unstuck after lots of WD-40 and leaving it overnight, but god knows what's the state of the actual barrel and gas mechanism. Note the bayonet is stainless steel and looks like new. This thing's been here since the war or shortly after probably. We returned today to check the place out further, lifted lots of hay and everything but found nothing else. I guess it's better than finding a mine in any case.

Of course all of the above was just a dream, none of this actually happened and we never found or took this rifle.
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