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roxunreal wrote:Interesting stuff. Still interested in actually 100% confirming the priming/arming mechanism. In the odd chance that it's really possible for it to blow if dropped, I might get rid of it or put it in a safer place than my ammo shelf. It's not a very pretty example anyway.

The only reference to electric arming for this type of round that I have found is later (1954) shells of US manufacture, as you appear to have an earlier UK round it is likely to be percussion fused as per the diagram and dropping best avoided.

By the way do you have any idea what this thing is? I didn't take this one with me but it sure tickles my interest. My first guess would be a rifle-grenade-something, maybe with a signal or target practice purpose?

No idea, what a tiny little projectile though.
layman wrote:British Centurian, one of the longest running tanks, introduced in 1945 and saw action in the gulf war. Usd to great effect by the Israelis.

Any idea who used Centurions during Gulf 1, and where?
Igor Antunov wrote:Try to use reliable image providers so that the images don't disappear in time. I suggest imgur or photobucket.

Imgur - very unreliable storage as private. Photobucket is better, but not much. I would recommend from conventional centralized system of Google (although carefully - they do not guarantee the safety of links) or Russian Yandex. But he prefer to upload photos through IPFS p2p-network. Files are stored in it at the members of the network:


Su-30SM for Russian naval aviation.
Too many cool features to list. I like modernizing military, you get cutting edge examples. When complete, Russians modernization effort will result in 60% of all equipment being built after 2006, most of it post 2010.

Russian Combat Engineer. The suit is actively powered and cooled/heated, battery lasts 20 hours on full charge. i.e they can operate with maximum comfort in any climate. The visor is bullet proof.


Post 2020 they are transitioning to a more advanced combat uniform:


It will have some small measure of a powered exoskeleton and composite plastics so it is lighter.

Russia is undergoing significant downsizing alongside modernization, it's total personnel strength should be <300,000 by 2030. But the budget in purchasing power terms will continue to grow, resulting in a number of next generation weapons systems and combat platforms not seen anywhere else. The fleet and air-force will also be greatly expanded.
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