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Yes, what a colossal waste of money that they could be using to build their infrasctructure(something they desperately need to do) instead of building a useless military force that is not required.
I wonder how deep those waters are, so close to the shoreline. I guess subs have no issues with dragging themselves along sand. I also understand that the typhoons/akulas are triple hulled. It's good that russia is reactivating 2 more by the end of this year. Those two will feature their old R-39 nuke missile complement (192 100kt warheads), but also an added cruise missile arsenal.

Will be phased out eventually by the smilarly massive Borei class (2 complete, 8 under construction), but let it be known, akula class is my submarine of the forever. The russians put as much love and attention into their subs as the americans do into their carriers.
Those two will feature their old R-39 nuke missile complement (192 100kt warheads), but also an added cruise missile arsenal.

All residual R-39 were disposed of via the Cooperative Threat Reduction program or by Russia itself, if the Akula is returned to life it will be as a cruise missile carrying sub or retrofitted to carry Bulava like the Dmitry Donskoy I imagine but its hard to see the need of the latter considering nuclear treaty limits and the gathering upload potential of new Russian ICBM and SLBM.
Some J-31 updates:


It's basically China's answer to the F-35.

Also the Su-33 won't be used on China's first carrier, as the engines are lacking and only comparable to the F-18 Super Hornets, instead the J-15 will come with an indigenous engine duo, giving it comparable performance to the single engine F-35 in terms of engine power. Same engines will be utilised on the above stealth fighter. (J-31)
Thai river forces. They mostly stop smuggling and drug shipments on the river.
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