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Russia is very likely to start construction on the world's third nuclear-powered destroyer with the assistance of China, according to the Sputnik News based in Moscow.

Admiral Igor Kasatonov, retired deputy commander of the Russian Navy, said the construction of the 10,000-ton Leader-class guided-missile destroyer would begin in 2017. Vasily Kashin, a military expert from the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies based in Moscow, said the project provides a new opportunity for China and Russia to deepen defense cooperation.

The Leader-class destroyer would be the world's third nuclear-powered destroyer after the USS Truxtun (DLGN-35) and USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25) of the United States. Since both American vessels were later redesignated cruisers, the Leader-class would in fact be the only nuclear-powered destroyer in the world. Kashin said that the Leader-class is larger than the two American ships.

Unlike the US Navy, Russia does not have overseas naval bases around the world, the piece said, and it makes sense for Russia and China to build nuclear-powered destroyers or cruisers that can remain at sea for longer. Kashin also said China is working hard on the design of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The participation of China in the construction of the Leader-class destroyer may give China the experience it needs, he said. ... 0319000149
It's like a two for one sale. China gets to develop the competencies its naval construction sector needs to make good vessels along with the supply networks for maintaining them. China gets to develop this with the cost overruns that inevitably plague first-attempts, while being subsidised by Russia in the process. Russia does not get to locally develop the competency and the supply networks, and China gets to know everything about the ship which they would be producing for Russia.

And then China gets to use the data to make their own ships.

Bravo, China, this is genuinely pretty ingenious. I would do the same if I were in their position. Getting a different country to pay for your R&D while it is under sanctions and can't do much else. Absolutely beautiful.
The idea of a collaborative effort on atomic destroyers is currently only a consideration in the mind of Vasily Kashin and although a more unified ship-building program between the two is an interesting thought I would think it fairly unlikely. Firstly the last surface warship class the Chinese purchased from Russia was the project 956, since then China has only been interested in buying sub-systems (S-300FM) or components / design assistance for its own projects. China has matured as a ship builder while Russia is just getting back on its feet, it also seems unlikely that Russia would reverse course and start ordering units from shipyards abroad at the expense of domestic industry.

That said there is certainly room for collaboration, the Chinese would definitely be interested in Russian reactor technology (not least for its potential application in submarines) and Russia would probably welcome the investment in its research programs.

The picture in the link is a fairly old design from the Northern Design Bureau, they are probably still developing the specification for anything beyond the frigates already under construction. Atomic cruisers will be a bold design though, just not too good for showing the flag as the existing atomic vessels have trouble accessing foreign ports as it is.
Nimaiejshg wrote:If for some reason Russia or China attack England or
France with nuclear weapons could either hit back?
Do UK or France have any bombers or ICBM left?
Would both countrys just use there summarie to
hit back.

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