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The Second World War (1939-1945).
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ThirdTerm wrote:Poland was Britain's client state at the time that was totally reliant on Britain to maintain its security.

The problem with Poland was that it fancied itself as a potential great power. Poland was not looking to stop expansionism, but to expand itself, returning to its former glory. They wanted to make Poland great again.

Hitler had been in office for less than year before Poland signed the non aggression pact with Hitler, smashing a giant hole in France's Cordon Sanitaire. Poland acted like a domineering, prideful, bullying great power, because they saw themselves as a great power, however silly that seems in retrospect. Its kind of understandable that they didn't trust Stalin and refused to compromise with him, but at the same time they saw no need to seek solidarity and common security with the small nation states of central Europe.

Poland took part in the 1939 carve up of Czechoslovakia, because they held the same racist, militarist contempt for peace mongers as Hitler did. The Polish Aristocrats shared the same racist, privileged, militarist outlook as the Prussian Junker neighbours, its just that the Prussians were so good at warfare they kept threatening to become the world's number 1 power. The US, Britain and France on the other hand did not feel their geo-political position was threatened by Poland.
Rich wrote:The problem with Poland was that it fancied itself as a potential great power.

You can put that into the present tense. They never stopped dreaming about their Intermarium.

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