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The First World War (1914-1918).
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I've included this in WW1 because it is early twentieth century and far too late to be considered 'early modern'.

In during the Philippino war of independence the US committed incredible atrocities against the native population and yet it is almost unknown in History.
What do you expect? The US is the worlds most powerful nation, it is judged by different standards, that is how the world works. They also had a good go at genociding an entire continent.
Those who write the history books tend to edit their contents. My first experience with American self-censorship and twisting of history took place while taking a graduate history course in college sometime around 1974. I pointed out to my (native US born) history professor the information he was giving out was wrong and he got pretty hot under the collar, but he challenged me to write a paper to prove it. I did, but I found a very interesting fact: most US-published material was also twisted, and I had to dig into original language material, original letters, and also texts published in the UK (which didn't have a pro-US propaganda agenda) to get to the truth as I saw it.

So the paper pointed out the fact that US history books do cover up real history, and also that the effort to cover things up is so pervasive it's incredibly hard to find, within US published material, the historical truth.
The US wasn't the worlds most powerful nation in 1902 or even in 1932.

Is it 1902 or 1932 now? No, and when are we judging these things? In the present you say? Glad that's sorted. :D
Decky, it started in 1899, and went on until 1904 or so, but not everybody surrendered, and some of them continue to fight to this day. The US forces did commit a lot of atrocities, but this isn't something US citizens are taught in school. Here's a quote from a US soldier, Leonard F. Adams, of Ozark, in the Washington Regiment, who wrote home:

I don’t know how many men, women, and children the Tennessee boys did kill. They would not take any prisoners. One company of the Tennessee boys was sent into headquarters with thirty prisoners, and got there with about a hundred chickens and no prisoners.

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