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'Cold war' communist versus capitalist ideological struggle (1946 - 1990) and everything else in the post World War II era (1946 onwards).
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This is a link to the wikipedia article regarding Project MK-Ultra, a horific CIA mind control program in which individuals were taken, drugged and forced to undergo horrific experimentation.

Please also watch this documentary as a brief introduction:

You should also read this article on the subject. I do warn you, however, that it is quite sickening:
I fell upon the MK Ultra story while doing research into the history of the Allan Institute for a class I'm taking.

From the 50s to the 70s, the CIA did mind-control experiments on psychiatric patients without their consent or knowledge. And they did these at... the Allan Institute in Montreal, affiliated with a university and a hospital here. Allan (Hugh Allan) was a huge 19th Century capitalist who built a giant Frankenstein house on the mountain which, after being neglected, became the place where the CIA's own Dr. Frankenstein did his magic.

The doctor's name was Sidney Gottlieb (original name, Joseph Schneider). He was originally from New York and wasn't a doctor in psychology. He had a PhD in chemistry and was a CIA poisoner specialist. For the MK Ultra project, he gave little girls (among others) mega-doses of LSD, electroshock, and isolated them for months in order to "reprogram" them, erasing their memories and turning them into mental babies.

The CIA was lead for a lot of this time by Allen Dulles, who also happened to be the biggest shareholder in the United Fruit Company. His idea was to devise of methods to control the Latino populations who were always going on strike or threatening to nationalize their own resources. Mind control was one thing the CIA worked on. Another one that "Doctor" Gottlieb worked on was isolating a "Nicaraguan" gene so that a genocidal poison could be designed to wipe out that "race" entirely in case of a revolution.
United Fruit Company => United Brands => Chiquita


United Fruit Company, however, is NOT to be confused with 1910 Fruitgum Company

benpenguin wrote:Did they get any results coming from this?

Of course they did.

The little girl in the photo below was admitted into the "Treatment Centre" for something like hyperactivity or insomnia. Over the course of a few months of high doses of LSD, electroshock, and sensory deprivation, her mind was erased and she reverted to the maturity level of a newborn.


Of course, the ultimate "target" of these experiment were the people of Latin America who Chiquita wanted to control like robots - or kill like bacteria with a "gene bomb."

The CIA/Dr. Gottlieb claimed to have been "inspired" by what they saw in North Korea, but in fact, this kind of research was already being developed in Nazi Germany - and in the USA/France and UK. This is what many Moderns would call "science," and what literary types would call "Frankenstein monsters."

The very Modern doctor who "treated" that girl and many other grateful patients: Dr. Gottlieb (born Joseph Scheider) ... t-mkultra/

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