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By QatzelOk
Andrea_Chenier wrote:The hitlerite plan was to utterly exterminate large parts of the soviet populace. All of this took its course in the name of fighting jewish-bolshevism and to gain Lebensraum for the german people.

Fighting Jewish Bolshevism = Fighting pagan savagery

Lebensraum = Manifest Destiny

I don't see anything particularly horrible about either of these things. They seem to be an integral part of any empire: we need land, we need an enemy. Bingo.

This doesn't prove that any particular party was responsible for Russians being slaughtered. The USSR, like the USA, was very ideological in its heyday, and ideological groups tend to mass murder, whether they're Nazis or Soviets. Having a murderous enemy (capitalism) can lead to murderously defensive ideology.

Oxymoron wrote:He also wanted europe to convert to Islam.

Here we can see that Western media-viewers have been taught to thumbtack any grievance onto a well-known (through media) enemy.

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