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It was a turning point in history and Japan remained unscathed after two invasion attempts by the Mongol Empire, while Russia was reduced to a client state obliged to pay tributes to Mongol overloads for two centuries. The Sea of Japan was an insurmountable geographical barrier for Kublai's Mongol armada. When Hitler was planning Operation Sealion, Britain was saved by the English Channel in a similar fashion.

Marine archaeologists say they have uncovered a wreck from one of Kublai Khan's 13th century Mongol invasion fleets just yards off the coast of Japan.
Scientists are hoping to be able to recreate a complete Yuan Dynasty vessel after the discovery of a 36ft-long section of keel just below the seabed off Nagasaki.
Japanese legend claims that two 'divine winds', known as The Kamikaze, destroyed both of Kublai Khan's vast invasion fleets with the loss of thousands of troops.

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Wish Russians got something like a kamikaze to save them from the Mongol onslaught, but then again we got Alexander Nevsky who saved Rus'.

anasawad wrote:Its actually hilarious seeing the right wing PoFo members talking about Japanese Kamikazes.

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