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End of Roman society, feudalism, rise of religious power, beginnings of the nation-state, renaissance (476 - 1492 CE).
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Unfortunately politically correct medias write almost nothing about the Genocide on Hindus in India performed by the Religion of Peace. Interesting why? Probably because the hard Truth can seriously damage the Reputation of Islam as the most peaceful Religion not only on Earth, but also in entirely Universe.

...The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter. The Bahmani sultans (1347-1480) in central India made it a rule to kill 100,000 captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions. The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in 1564 left the capital plus large areas of Karnataka depopulated. And so on....

The full story:
Everyone knows about this, have you not heard of the Mughal Empire? Maybe you should take off the tin hat, the media is not hiding anything. If you have even the tiniest bit of interest in history you will know about this. It isn't news.
It isn't news.

Maybe for you, but I am amazing because I do not read about before.
Maybe for you, but I am amazing because I do not read about before.

I see. Well quite a few people actually have a basic understanding of history.
I've read about this before, and I don't think I'm that unusual....

It's almost like John Bob's ignorance doesn't prove the evil government is hiding information about Islam.
Apart from the bried periods or crusading the Christians (at least the catholics) mostly just slaughtered each other.

And by "each other", you mean of course the continual persecution of Pagans, Muslims, Jews, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians in Europe, and Muslims anywhere the Europeans got their hands on.
The French, Spanish, Italians and pre-reformations Germany and England were slaughtering each other for centuries on large scales.
Abrahamic zealots tend to do a lot of damage when they mix with non-Abrahamics.

Look at what the British did to the natives in every continent they civilized.

Or what the Romans did to their European colonies: forced them to accept Christianity - a slave religion.
Wolfman wrote:You know, you pretty much destroy whatever position you try to support, don't you?

This is an excellent point, wolfman.

Continue with the masked Muslimoid bashing.
And see, that's why. I was on the same side as you. It just so happens that every time you make a post, it's full of so many insults and insane leaps of logic that all you ever manage to accomplish is to make who ever is opposing you positive that you, and whatever group you're supporting is full of the insane and retarded.

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