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End of Roman society, feudalism, rise of religious power, beginnings of the nation-state, renaissance (476 - 1492 CE).
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What would the world be like if the Mongol conquests never occured. China may have taken the steps to become a colonial power long before the Europeans. The Mongol attacks forced China to look inward and neglect realms outside their territory.

Also the Mongol invasions ended the Golden Age of Islam, and the hegemony of the Arabs over the Middle East North Africa. This paved the way for the Turks to become a major force.

I think the world would be a very different place without Genghis Khan and kookie family.
Captain Sam wrote:The golden age ended before the Mongol invasions. It ended when a man named Al-Ghazali decided math was the language of the devil.

On the other hand the Mongols destroyed things like the Library of Baghdad. While peoples perceptions of knowledge might change over time, if you destroy that body of knowledge then it becomes harder to revisit.
Well, one of the biggest changes would have taken place had Timur (Tamerlane) not died on his way to conquering China. He would almost certainly have succeeded and spread Turkic-Persian civilisation to the east. The impact of the Mongol invasion was indeed very dramatic. Had the Timurids done likewise, Chinese history might have taken a very different course.
China would have invaded Japan and lost its army in a typhoon. They would have turned inwards and later would have been invaded by Arabs from the Indian Califate. The Jews, persecuted relentlessly by Christian reformists who wanted to return to Arian Christianity would have fled to South Africa by 1624, creating a theocratic state with its capital at New Jerusalem, where they would hav built a temple resembling a Mayan pyramid. The new world, armed with Aztec long range cannon, would have formed into a confederacy and started a slave trade of European slaves captured in daring raids, which they would have sold to the Emperor of Dahomey to work in his diamond mines.

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