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On the internet I have seen various claims that the Grand Dutchy of Muscovy was a state founded by the Tatars. They even claim that the inhabitants were not really Slavic but more Finnic and even Tatar!

Lev Gumilev expressed the theory that the Russian ethnos was formed as a mixture of Eastern Slavs, Tatars and Finno-Ugric tribes.

To what extent was Muscovy a Tatar state?
To what extent was Muscovy a Tatar state?

To very little extent. It was a client state of the Mongols after their conquest, and indeed it used its role as a loyal vassal of the Mongol Empire to collect taxes on behalf of the Mongols from neighbouring Slavic city-states, which is why it eventually rose to dominate the entire Eastern Slav peoples. However, the Mongols themselves did not colonise the area with their own people to any significant extent, and the population and culture of Muscovy was largely derived from that of the defunct Kievan Rus state.
Russia was founded by the Finno-Ugric clan (N1c1) but Rurik didn't belong to the Tatar ethnic group. The Rurik clan belonged to Y-DNA Haplogroup N1c1-Y10931 and its date of origin (1,750 ybp) largely coincides with the emergence of the Varangians or Vikings in Western Russia. N1c is quite common in ethnic populations of the Volga-Ural region such as Mari, Komi-Zyryan and Komi-Perm and the maximum frequency is characteristic for the Udmurt. A high frequency for the Tatars (18.5%) reflects the participation of the Finno-Ugric ethnic group in the formation of the Tatar people (Akhatova ‎2013) and the Finno-Ugric ethnic group preceded the emergence of the Tatars.

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