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Early modern era & beginning of the modern era. Exploration, enlightenment, industrialisation, colonisation & empire (1492 - 1914 CE).
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Anyone Noticed any similarities between the two?

1912 America:

-quickly growing Economy

-Awful pollution

-Spanish-American war shifts balance of power,
introduces US as a world power by defeating a
previous power whose control has long passed

-Expert at battleship diplomacy an imperialism,
forces open trade with Japan

2012 China:
-Quickly Growing economy

-2008 Olympians needed to wear respirators
so they didn't inhale toxicants

-many nationalists want to go to war with Japan,
whose last major power was in 1945

-Sends Patrols by disputed Islands in hopes of new
claims without war.

Of course, these are due to different causes, but the effects are the same
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