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Feminism is not as ugly as some misogynists and others think. I agree that it exists in Asia and other areas of the world. Like body shapes, it comes in many forms. There is nothing wrong with women objecting to ideals put forward by chauvinistic, traditional patriarchal societies. Male dominated regions can be unbearable and men can be overbearing. Feminism was a response to this. If men respected women more, then maybe feminism would not have gained so much attention. Women wanted to vote and so on and so it began. I am glad and I am grateful that because of the struggles of women long ago, women have the right to attend university or college and they can own property.
I have a much simpler theory - men don't put up with bullshit in nonwestern countries. Here in the USA we have government funded abortions and women demanding that be covered in their universal healthcare - and many men in the USA are simply, too passive to put up an argument. SAD!

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