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I'm certainly not a liberal so don't think that. I just want to point out a couple of right-wing, conservative talking points that I've heard throughout my life that often get repeated rather loudly and forcefully, but when I stop and think about them, I realize they are in fact completely false.

Point #1: Soldiers in the military are protecting our rights

Conservatives say that our soldiers are putting their lives on the line to protect our constitutional rights. This is in fact completely false. Our constitutional rights were secured after we defeated Great Britain. Nothing in the past 100 years of this country has had anything whatsoever to do with protecting our constitutional rights. We lost the Vietnam War, and our constitutional rights are still here. Likewise, if we lose in the Middle East, our constitutional rights are not going away. Why? Because not every war is meaningful or worth fighting. I question the actions of our military instead of blindly backing them no matter what they do.

Point #2: USA is unique in that we have the freedom to criticize our own government

Whenever someone speaks out and criticizes the country, conservatives will get triggered and claim that if we didn't live in this country, we wouldn't be able to criticize it. USA is not unique in this regard. All over Europe people have this same right. Most countries around the world have it. It's nothing special. Conservatives seem to think that we're the only place on Earth that allows citizens to dissent and speak out against their government. Where they got this idea from I don't know.
There are two things about talking points, whether conservative or liberal, that I find annoying.

The first is that, and this is most clearly noticeable in conservative talk radio, a talking point will be the topic du jour for all at once, often verbatim. I place a premium on original thought and expression.

The second is the persistence of talking points even when thoroughly debunked. To me, it indicates a Goebbelsian approach to communication.

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