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anna wrote:My take on it, as a recovering conservative:

Conservatives see everything in black and white, there are no shades of gray. Everyone who is not one of them, is a liberal.

Every idea that is not one of theirs is wrong. Compromise is evil, synthesis is capitulation.

God is with the conservatives, the devil is with the liberals. And it's a rare day when someone wakes up and realizes that Rush was wrong... but it happens occasionally.

Odd, I find the opposite.

I find all liberal have to be in lockstep with all other liberals, to the point of where they use the same idioms and phraseology. Further, I've found many can go beyond their initial premises, which tells me they were told something and never bother to think it through.

As far as Repubs having God on their side:

I wish I had a penny for everyone I heard the phrase "evil Republican." Like Trump, I could finance my own campaign.

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