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Traditional 'common sense' values and duty to the state.
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What is terribly concerning is that the powers that be (traditional politicians) do not see what is going on here. The people are pissed and yet they do not move. Now in a cynical attempt at damage control the Koch brothers are calling for an end to political rancor. What a joke.

Sadly, these powers that be know that in the voting booth the people will just continue to pull the senate/house incumbent buttons where real change will have to happen. Trump or Hillary doesn't matter. Scare a few senators and you get change.
There is a perception that the rise of Trump represents a break from traditional conservatism, but I disagree. Authentic traditionalism always emerges from racial consciousness. The latter is primarily what Trump is re-asserting in American political life.
You know he has had a million divorces Donald? What the hell is traditionally conservative about an orange Protestant? :lol:
Decky wrote:You know he has had a million divorces Donald? What the hell is traditionally conservative about an orange Protestant? :lol:

You did not read my post carefully enough.
pensativo wrote:I see Trump leading in the polls but not many people online elucidating their reasons for supporting him. He's apparently leading by huge margins. What are your reasons?

http://www.faxxus.com has a piece on the topic.
Whoever could even be right to say they are going to vote for Donald Trump while their who other side of the world is so much richer than just most of the regular folks, that to even dare press such (t)issues, one may go find them another subject of another assault as well as all-battery. Why dare why? Those West Hollywood shills are not even shy. Yes, as a real matter of fact after Nefertiti is Hillary Clinton who else could she really actually be? Hillary Clinton will be my friend always. Thanks. Tom Hanks. You are supposed to be heading off U.N.E.S.O. George Clooney takes over the White House via Michelle Obama.

Why she should also be paying him for all of his speaking fees he will be having for what a lie. No, thanks, why vote for something else perhaps worse even than Hillary Clinton, who if she had been in her right mind, never would have gotten so -----. They have also used Provolone. It's as if the most best-looking must be always proving themselves to just another height to be as thrown right off of their cliffs to next secure all of their same thrones. Well, now come roll a stone: Roger Stone. Never sorry are they as they just kept hoping they could also as another sideline resolutely still rule all of Rome.
Trump, Oh my god !

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