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So, I will add a special kind of Republican just for myself just because. But generally this is how I see it:

- The Establishment.
- The Cruzites.
- The Libertarian Fringers.
- The GrimmMooreists

So, there is a lot of overlap between the first three. The Establishment generally tries to take a neolibertarian look at the world (but a lot of times fails) and tries to limit the government's power as much as possible, except when it comes to the military of course. The Establishment is very flexible and this is why a lot of people are getting fed up with them. The Establishment can be Progressive on issues such as Immigration, and sometimes things like the Environment and even Education. The Establishment may as well be adherents of the Third Way at the end of the day, though they try to take a neolibertarian approach they end up favoring a lot of Government intervention, just in different places than the Democrats.

Cruzites (please note I do not say that as an insult) a.k.a. the kind of people who would generally vote for a man like Ted Cruz. The difference with establishment types is there is little to no flexibility with Cruzites like there is with establishment types. Cruzites are firm in their stances on immigration, staunchly opposed to Common Core (which some Establishment types support) and don't buy into climate change - the Cruzites are the true Conservatives by most definitions. They are neolibertarian like the Establishment, except on the military (also like the establishment) and, like the establishment, have a positive view of Israel.

Then you've got the Libertarian Fringers (not saying it in a bad way) (note: I don't consider Rand Paul to be one of them, I might consider him more of a Cruzite actually). I think this is a small minority in the G.O.P. generally. They are very Libertarian like the Cruzites, except on National Defense like everybody else in the G.O.P. but they do not hold a positive view of Israel, or at least they don't think we should be aiding them. They are very staunch in their Libertarianism and think the Government is the worst thing ever.

Then you've got the GrimmMooreists (for lack of a better term), people like me.

GrimmMooreists are adherents of the Third Way - and are fierce rivals of the Libertarians (Establishment, Cruzites and Libertarian Fringers) a.k.a. the rest of the party. In this sense they are more like the Democrats. They believe in Social Democracy. Like the Cruzites they are in favor of strong borders, don't believe in climate change and are opposed to things like Common Core. The difference lies in the preferred economic system. Cruzites are Neolibertarian in nature (have a negative view of government intervention) whereas GrimmMooreists are adherents of the Third Way and usually favor some Social Democratic ideas like public health care and social security. GrimmMooreists have a negative view of Libertarianism and consider it a dangerous ideology. GrimmMooreists want a more just and equal society, while everyone else in the G.O.P. doesn't trust the Government at all.

GrimmMooreists are Conservative on most positions. As mentioned the difference with the rest of the party lies mostly in the preferred economic system. The G.O.P. today is dominated by Neolibertarians so GrimmMooreists find themselves in an interesting position. Like the rest of the party, GrimmMooreists favor a strong National Defence. However, GrimmMooreists are not generally Interventionists like the Establishment and Cruzites. This is one of the few things they share in common with the Libertarian fringer faction.

GrimmMooreists would also find themselves disagreeing with many other adherents of the Third Way throughout the world, and agreeing with the rest of the party, on issues such as Gun Control and Education. Like other Republicans, GrimmMooreists would rather the Government stayed out of Education and staunchly support the 2nd Amendment. GrimmMooreists also find themselves in agreement with the Cruzites and the Libertarian Fringers on the issue of the rights of Businesspeople. Unlike many other Social Democrats/Third wayers around the globe, GrimmMooreists believe that Businesspeople have the right to operate their businesses the way that they please - without the Government telling them whom to hire or to fire.

GrimmMooreists would like to leave abortion up to the states. As for same-sex marriage, GrimmMooreists favor legalizing it, but allowing churches the right to refuse gay marriage ceremonies. With that being said, GrimmMooreists consider themselves protectors of religious liberty.

GrimmMooreists oppose the Patriot Act and would like to see the N.S.A. abolished entirely. GrimmMooreists insist that the solution to the problem of terrorism in the homeland would be to severely limit or stop entirely immigration to the U.S. rather than spying on citizens who have done nothing wrong.

GrimmMooreists take a Conservative approach to crime, favoring punishment to rehabilitation.

GrimmMooreists don't generally believe in party politics and believe that both political parties are corrupt - but have come to the conclusion that they belong in the Republican Party as opposed to the Democratic party. They believe that with the Democratic party moving further and further to the Left, it may open up more space for more socially Conservative proponents of the Third Way or a form of Social Demoracy to join the Republican side.
Virgil wrote:You are basically a modern day Rockefeller Republican.


Okay, I also wanted to really clarify something. The part about the 'GrimmMooreists' I believe, is in fact necessary, I know it's long and it may seem like I am just describing my own personal views, but I actually think this represents a real faction in the G.O.P. today. You have a lot of people that think like me, or at least it seems that way. But I call us 'GrimmMooreists' for lack of a better word. But there are indeed I think socially/fiscally moderate people in the G.O.P. I mean look at how well Trump is doing, and you could basically say the same about him then (being a modern day Rockefeller Republican). No?
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