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By Patrickov
SSDR wrote:Most forms of pornography should be banned because it makes women look like sex objects. It also promotes men to be more masculine, in terms of genital size, muscularity, and even physical height.

In my opinion this is only partially true. In pornography males are also little more than sex objects (and considering gay porn exists this conclusion is quite easy to reach).

In fact, one can say porn effectively objectifies its audience. I always put the performers and producers above the watchers, a majority of whom (including myself) only watch it because they cannot get laid.

P. S. Anybody saying porn promotes male masculinity must have never watched Japanese porn, whose males are often small, crooked and ugly.
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By Godstud
The great thing about porn is that if it doesn't interest you, you don't need to look at it, or even complain about it, since it doesn't impact you.
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By Tainari88
@Godstud I happen to think pornography is just another product of trade. I am a bit of a conservative with some of that in the sense that I don't think sex should be a commercial enterprise Godstud. I think sexuality and its consequences can be very serious. Pregnancy, STD's, HIV, etc and therefore thinking it is something not to be considered deeply and just engaged in without emotional attachment to the person you choose to have sex with is a mistake.

I used to work for a non profit that sent me out to high schools to talk to teens about sex ed. The questions those kids came up with taught me that conversations about people's most intimate feelings with regard to sex remains mostly unexplored as a conversation with trusted adults.

I loved how my father handled that topic with me. When I became a young lady at age 13 years old, he sat me down and explained to me the birds and the bees but more than that he explained emotions. How my emotional feelings were very important. How I should feel about the boy or man and how my readiness and consent was essential and if it was not? How to protect myself and so on. He made it fun. I appreciated that completely. He also said that making sex something commercial or about money and it becoming a part of my life in which I had no feeling with the other party was not something I should do.

He was right about it all.

I just think you should be in love completely with someone before you have sex. I do. If you don't love him? It is a waste of time in my opinion.

I have to be in love and I don't love anyone superficially Godstud. Why love if you are going to stay on the surface of that emotion?

So far all the people I have loved deeply have never betrayed that love. I am lucky. They all loved me back profoundly.

I am so fortunate. I am.

You are lucky you found your beautiful wife the love of your life Godstud.

A lot of people never find a single person who is willing to share their lives with and who enjoy sex and enjoy pleasures with that person and who feel they finally can relax and be at home.

I don't know how so many people survive those emotional deserts Godstud. I could not. I could not.
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By Godstud
I don't disagree with you, @Tainari88. I find sex, without emotional connection, to be pretty lacking.
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By Verv
Godstud wrote:The great thing about porn is that if it doesn't interest you, you don't need to look at it, or even complain about it, since it doesn't impact you.

What a funny coincidence.

That is what I have always said about sexism.

Don't like sexism? Don't be sexist. Don't want to be around sexists? Don't work for a sexist. Don't be friends with sexists.

Want to get rid of sexism? Well, all you gotta do is have the women start their own company on the side and show boys how it's done. There's no woman I know that is less than a man.

We don't need governments in our lives to regulate sexism, thank you very much.
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By Tainari88
blackjack21 wrote:In abstract thought...however, women do see more colors than men and have a much broader vocabulary for color than men.

Women for obvious reasons are more tactile than men. They also are olfactory. For obvious reasons. If you want to do better with women you focus on touching them correctly and being pleasant to smell. Lol. Or that your natural scent she finds attractive. Among other things. Women are harder to arouse but when they are the response is deeper and richer than a male's. That is what science found out.

Communism has proven to be a pretty persistent failure everywhere it is tried.

Communism like all systems thought up by a human being depends on the cooperation of the many and the consciousness of the many to be successful. If the majority of a society thinks slavery is acceptable and a great money making scheme and the laws of the land give it traction? Guess what? Slavery will persist to exist. Until it doesn't anymore. Until for some economic, and historical reasons the paradigm and the system doesn't serve the current needs of a human society. And it is discarded. Most beginnings of all economic systems in human history fail spectacularly for many many years until or when, the conditions for it are right or human beings evolve or the criteria for it being able to be adaptable finds a home. Once it does? It transforms society. Right now most of the world BJ is still mired in trying to acquire just basic needs for humans being met. Socialism is that answer. After everyone's needs are met and lots of great things come of it? We might have a society that is willing to share every bit of power equitably and who cooperates instinctually first. If you believe humanity is innately selfish and irredeemable? Then you are condemning your own species to extinction. Have you ever studied super selfish societies BJ? Where everyone is extremely self absorbed and share nothing and are violent and war like all the damn time and don't even take care of their own kids? Are on drugs and so on and never work and steal and create chaos only? A disaster. That is what selfishness taken to the maximum expression is. It is innately dysfunctional. What works is the opposite of that. Which rests on the premise of equality FIRST. If you think most humans are inferior to you? Guess what? You have no obligations to do for them or help them or even consider them. And that is when that slide into that other territory happens.
So, no, I don't think it is a failure. I think the people's consciousness is not ready for it at all. But it doesn't mean it can't happen if people change over time. I do believe in change and learning through experience. And growing with knowledge of the species one is a part of. I do.

I had a friend over and watched football most of the day. Relaxed. Back to work tomorrow.


Football. I got invaded by neighbors who wanted to dance. I did not go to the beach. Wound up dancing and telling jokes with the neighbors...a couple of bakers of bread and their son. Lol. ;)
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By Verv
Can pornography be banned? The answer is, of course, no. I can imagine, though, that there could be technological advancements that made it easier to crack down on it. But here is an anecdote for you...

Ironically, it was under the liberal Pres. Moon that the anti-porn policies got stricter. Simple VPNs did not work so well. Of course, one can still find it, but often times the off-brand sites that people go on get rebanned, and other VPN workarounds disappear. The only truly reliable way to get the stuff is to torrent it via some of the famous sites -- a practice many people eschew because it leaves evidence behind to be discovered and creates the hassle of having to always be on guard for viruses and such.

Over the years, the inconveniences caused by these blocks have given folks pause. Some people are generally more discouraged from indulging in the bad habit and feel like it is a waste of their time, and when their go-to site for the last couple weeks disappears, they just stop looking for prawn there. They cut down on their masturbation in general, and they start wanking to Instagram & YouTube stuff. Go on and look -- there's plenty of big T & big A material that leaves little to the imagination, and it honestly feels a lot cleaner to people.

Others feel empowered to generally begin cutting down on the habit and some eventually give it up entirely.

If the masturbational routine goes from "Open browser; type two letters; you're there" to having to hunt anew every few days or have to pay money to a new, unique VPN that may go down in a couple weeks just after you got the subscription... it disrupts the whole process.

This isn't unlike if there are laws that just make it generally harder to be a drunkard or a smoker.

In a weird way... it's better to regulate alcohol than to ban it. Make it 6 chuns a beer in every store. Are people really going to start brewing their stuff at home? Or are they just going to say "Aww blimey, gonna be fittin' to break yhe old purse if i be fittin' to drink yhis much." And suddenly you got functioning alcoholics becoming dudes who get drunk just once every two weeks.

You can even selectively price them out, right: make it difficult to get drunk in a bar and start a fight or drunk drive home, but let people buy bottles cheaper to be drunken fatsos in their own home.

You can really socially engineer a lot if you try.

If you can convince people to let 7 year olds cut their bits to pieces to change gender because they actually prefer the truck to the mirror, surely you can convince some guys to lay off the prawn a bit.
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By Hindsite
Godstud wrote:The great thing about porn is that if it doesn't interest you, you don't need to look at it, or even complain about it, since it doesn't impact you.

I agree. I have seen some porn that was disgusting to me, but I never believed it should be banned just because I did not like it. But I do believe much of it should be restricted to adults only.
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By Negotiator
Rancid wrote:The NFL is communist. :eek:

As are all world religions. *shrug*
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By Hindsite
Negotiator wrote:As are all world religions. *shrug*

Do you really believe the NFL is a world religion?
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By Godstud
Football is a religion for some people. That's why it's on Sunday, competing for worshipers. :D
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