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By colliric
Yes I agree with the sentiments of the thread title. But not with the conclusion it should flat be banned. The industry regulations are shit. It should be better policed.

It has become an extremely unregulated Industry since the rise of the internet. I think in Australia the legal age for buying and viewing porn should be raised to 21. Porn websites and porn studios should be forced by law to pay royalties to the performers and there should be a stronger union for the adult film industry.

There are underage Traci Lords wannabe's everywhere in everything these days. There is little oversight, no regulations, and shit conditions for performers. And the viewing age should be legally raised.

Don't take my word for it, here's Bree Olson(who truth be told most of us have probably seen naked... I admit I have) on how the Porn Industry both made her famous and simultaneously ruined her life:

Porn is just plain bad news for everyone.
By Decky
The genie is out of the bottle now anyway. Every phone has a camera and video recorder. You could have attempted to ban it in the past and it might even have worked. In 2018? It is like trying to stop people listening to free music on the internet without paying royalties. It is more an academic question than a practical one now as it would be impossible to do anyway.

All pornography studios should be worker's owned co-operatives (but I would say that, I think everything that is not nationalised should be a worker's owned cooperative) and a strong union with access to armaments should be in place for everyone from the directors, to the actors and actresses, to the person holding the camera.

You could argue for a great firewall of China type of solution I suppose but how well has that worked for them? People get round it all the time.
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By Hong Wu
Godstud wrote:Personal responsibility.

If porn is affecting you negatively, then stop watching it.

We're talking about children. Since when are you a personal responsibility guy?
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By colliric
Hong Wu wrote:We're talking about children. Since when are you a personal responsibility guy?

I remember when everyone was so shocked when Traci Lords was found to be underaged in the 80s..... Now underage performers are all over the place everywhere.

And Hentai is just as bad. Just because it's cartoon schoolgirls, doesn't make it "ok".

There's so little regulation these days. It's practically non-existent even for the mainstream Industry. There's no performer rights or anything.
By Sivad
Hong Wu wrote:Since when are you a personal responsibility guy?

:lol: I'm sure a deep thinker like Godstud has no doubt already reconciled this apparent contradiction. It's not like he's just a militant troll talking piles of shit on the internet or something...
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By Godstud
[Zag Edit: Rule 2]

Being responsible for yourself, and your children doesn't require banning something because some crybabies are making a melodramatic argument about their feelings.

I am not saying it should not be regulated, so if that is your argument, then you are dead wrong.
By Rich
Godstud wrote:I was merely making a point that if you don't like something, it doesn't mean you have to ban it, because someone else might. religion seemed to be an obvious thing to compare it too. Did I trigger you? Some of you guys get so defensive about things.

Both left and right love banning things. We've seen this since the emergence of the modern left right paradigm in the French Revolution.
By skinster
Here's something to jerk off to:

Many porn stars viewed online are actually dead and buried…their ‘work’ killed them
Earlier this year, 20-year-old porn actress Olivia North was found dead in Las Vegas, a girl who professed to be “lonely” and still grieving the loss of her boyfriend, who had died of a drug overdose.

In December, fellow porn actress Yuritzan Beltran also died from a drug overdose—and later that month, the 23-year-old August Ames hung herself after being viciously bullied online by social justice warriors who were livid that Ames had declined to shoot porn scenes with a male performer who also did gay porn in order to avoid the risk of STDs. Those reasons weren’t good enough for the progressives, who shrugged off her suicide as if she deserved it—and after all, what’s one more dead porn star?

There are many reasons not to look at pornography, and I’ve written many columns in this space detailing those reasons: The mainstreaming of rape culture, the creation of addictions, the destruction of marriages and families, and even the warp-speed spread of erectile dysfunction.

But there is another reason not to look at pornography: Simple compassion for the women and girls who get chewed up by the industry and then abandoned.

Even Miriam Weeks—also known Belle Knox, the “Duke University Porn Star”—who once described porn as “freeing and empowering and the way the world should be” in an interview with CNN, later admitted in interviews that the porn industry had ruined her life.

It’s not surprising that the intense violence of the porn industry is ruining the women and girls who end up selling themselves to it.

“Once [the performers] are in the industry, they have high rates of substance abuse, typically alcohol and cocaine, depression, borderline personality disorder,” noted researcher Dr. Mary Anne Layden, an expert on the porn industry.

“The experience I find most common among performers is that they have to be drunk, high, or disassociated to go to work. Their work environment is particularly toxic…The terrible work life of the pornography performer is often followed by an equally terrible home life. They have an increased risk of sexually transmitted disease (including HIV), domestic violence, and have about a 25% chance of making a marriage that lasts as long as three years.”

Such things are an open secret inside the porn industry. One male porn performer who starred in 600 films with over 3,000 women noted that everyone in the porn world has herpes, both males and females. Dr. Sharon Mitchell’s estimate was slightly lower—she put the number at 66%, not including another 12-28% with other STDs and 7% with HIV.

To cope with this lifestyle, porn performers turn to substance abuse. Erin Moore, a porn performer, was blunt: “The drugs we binged on were ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, and alcohol.”

I asked my friend Jessica Neely, a former porn performer who is recovering from her time in the industry, if suicide was common in the porn industry. “Well, 100% of [industry] survivors I know have attempted [suicide], so I don’t know,” she told me. “I know of three alive from my era now.” When I asked her about the rates of substance abuse, her response was equally gloomy: “100%.”

Jessica has lost a lot of friends.

“At the end, with the HIV cover-ups, I just saw we were going to die one way or another,” she said. “HIV cover-ups were to truly take away the option of choice. It was murder. We were murdering our own.”

Consider this for a moment: Many of the actresses that porn users are watching are dead.

They are arousing themselves to the sight of women and girls who have ended up in coffins because the industry that exploits them for the pleasure of porn users drove them to drugs, to drink, and to death. There is something truly evil and truly vile about millions of men spending millions of hours in a state of sexual excitement over doomed performers who will destroy their lives in the few years they spend in the porn industry. Carnality leading to carnage.

If you look at porn, know that you are contributing to the exploitation and victimization of the girls you are using to "get off."

Know that when the director yells “cut” and you’re done watching the video, the miserable people going through the motions for your entertainment will probably be abusing drugs and alcohol to cope with their experience.

And know that at the end of the day, your habit is contributing to the suicides of young girls who cannot handle the strain of being a sex object for your pleasure each and every day.

Is this something that anyone wants to be a part of in any way? It's time to end porn. This will only happen if demand dries up. It's time to stop the demand. Break the habit.
https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/many ... r-work-kil
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By Rancid
skinster wrote:Here's something to jerk off to:


There is also anotehr stat that basically say's the vast majority of women that do porn, usually just do one or two movies, and then quit. Their lives and image are forever tarred from that point on. It destroys people, even the men that do these movies too.
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By Hong Wu
Wow that's disturbing.

I once read an article about men in the porn industry. Apparently it's standard practice to use surgical numbing cream on their dicks. This prevents an early climax and subsequent loss of an erection. Drug abuse for both men and women is also prevalent according to that thing I read, like Skinster's article says.

So what ends up happening is they are acting like they're enjoying it but in reality, one or both of them are numb down there. The guys will practice things like rape fantasies or take viagra to keep their erections going even though they're numb. It screws a lot of them up psychologically after awhile to be in numb banging rape fantasy hell. Like, imagine that you spend all of your time banging hot women but you can't feel anything and if you lose your erection you get fired?
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By skinster
Robert Jensen wrote: Leftists who otherwise pride themselves on analyzing systems and structures of power, can turn into extreme libertarian individualists on the subject of pornography. The sophisticated, critical thinking that underlies the best of left politics can give way to simplistic, politically naïve, and diversionary analysis that leaves far too many leftists playing cheerleader for an exploitive industry. In those analyses, we aren’t supposed to examine the culture’s ideology and how it shapes people’s perceptions of their choices, and we must ignore the conditions under which people live; it’s all about an individual’s choice.

We contend that leftists who take feminism seriously must come to see that pornography, along with other forms of sexualized exploitation — primarily of women, girls and boys, by men — in capitalism is inconsistent with a world in which ordinary people can take control of their own destinies.

That is the promise of the left, of feminism, of critical race theory, of radical humanism — of every liberatory movement in modern history.
http://gaildines.com/2009/09/pornograph ... eft-issue/
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By Hong Wu
Yeah, that is pretty interesting. A certain poster in here suddenly going on about personal responsibility and responsible parents as soon as the porn was threatened was pretty interesting and it's certainly not limited to him.

Just more proof that modern liberalism is largely just an extension of the contraceptive sex craze and not a genuine intellectual movement...
By Pants-of-dog
If you want to maintain freedom of expression and still avoid the exploitation, ban the porn industry and let individuals distribute their own home movies of themselves. Some people enjoy filiming themsleves and then making it public. Since this is not exploitative and almost always features couples simply making love in a realistic fashion, it may be an option.
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By Hong Wu
I've been skeptical to the idea of porn-induced erectile dysfunction but then I didn't grow up with porn so maybe I just don't understand it. The Time article did do a good job of making it sound plausible. I basically grew up with my own fantasies about girls in my high school and the thought of having grown up with porn instead of that makes me feel vaguely nauseous. Basically my fantasies about high school girls when I was in high school seem incredibly innocent compared to the stuff on the internet, if I try to imagine one of those girls getting gang raped or something, wow. It saddens me to think that this is what young people think of when they imagine sex now.
By Sivad
Pants-of-dog wrote:If you want to maintain freedom of expression and still avoid the exploitation, ban the porn industry and let individuals distribute their own home movies of themselves. Some people enjoy filiming themsleves and then making it public. Since this is not exploitative and almost always features couples simply making love in a realistic fashion, it may be an option.

If the industry is causing unnecessary harm society would be well within its rights to tax it out of existence. That might be better than an outright ban. People would still be free to make and share it, there just wouldn't be any way to profit from it.
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By Hong Wu
Sivad wrote:If the industry is causing unnecessary harm society would be well within its rights to tax it out of existence. That might be better than an outright ban. People would still be free to make and share it, there just wouldn't be any way to profit from it.

Why go through all that trouble? There are plenty of countries where making money off of porn is banned. For example, pornography is illegal in China. Some people say that violates freedom of speech but I'm not sure what porn is supposed to be a commentary on and so I question whether it's a freedom of speech issue at all.
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By Godstud
So because something is banned, and illegal, you think that people still don't get it? Prohibition worked really well for the US, didn't it? :roll:

China has a flourishing prostitution industry, so maybe porn isn't as necessary. Prostitution is illegal, incidentally.

Also, it's highly unlikely that porn isn't getting into the country via the internet.
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By Hong Wu
The founder of China's largest porn aggregate site was sentenced to life in prison some years ago. Although there is pretty much always prostitution somewhere (glass house much? You live in Thailand, arguably the world's prostitution capital), there is relatively little porn in China. Not only is the production of it illegal, the possession of it is also illegal. The "great firewall" also helps to reduce the inflow of things like porn since foreign video sites are generally blocked and I already mentioned how they treat domestic video sites.

To answer your question, someone like me doesn't know for sure exactly how much porn there is in China but there is definitely much less of it there as compared to western countries as a result of their policies...

As some people have mentioned, reducing the profitability and taking down aggregate sites might have a big effect. The "you can't ban it because a small amount will still exist" straw man is silly, especially coming from a 50 year-old.
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By Godstud
You're demonstrating your ignorance yet again... You sure have a hard-on for Thailand, and still won't admit you nothing about the place.

South Korea, Russia, Germany, China and even the USA have more prostitution per 10,000 people.

Get your head out of your ass.
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