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As compiled by Freedom:


For the purposes of this sticky, no solid definition of conservatism will be attempted. However, Ten Conservative Principles (by Russell Kirk) and the Conservatism FAQ provide a comprehensive introduction to conservatism as a political philosophy. Below you will find links to conservative parties of several countries, various (mainly American) research institutes.

Canadian Conservative Party
Republican Party(USA):American Centre right party
Tory Party:British Conservatives
Norwegian Conservative Party
Swedish Conservative Party
Danish Conservative Party

Heritage Foundation:American Conservative policy research group
[url=http:///]Citizens Against Government Waste[/url]:American group lobbying for responsible government spending
National Taxpayers Union:American lobby group promoting fiscal conservatism
American Conservative Union:The American Conservative Union is the nation's oldest conservative lobbying organization. ACU's purpose is to effectively communicate and advance the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization
The American Cause:The American Cause is an educational organization whose mission is to advance and promote traditional American values that are rooted in the conservative principles of national sovereignty, economic patriotism, limited government, and individual freedom.

Essays/ Speeches

[url=]Winning the Culture Wars
by Charlton Heston[/url]
Let me back up a little. About a year ago I became president of the National Rifle Association, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. I ran for office, I was elected, and now I serve ... I serve as a moving target for the media who’ve called me everything from "ridiculous" and "duped" to a " brain-injured, senile, crazy old man." I know, I’m pretty old ... but I sure ain’t senile.

[url=]Teaching the virtues
by Christina Hoff Sommers[/url]
I noted that students taking college ethics are debating abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, DNA research, and the ethics of transplant surgery while they learn almost nothing about private decency, honesty, personal responsibility, or honor.

[url=]Reflections on the Revolution in France
by Edmund Burke[/url]
Good order is the foundation of all things.

[url=]Conservatives and Libertarians: Uneasy Cousins
by Robert Nisbet[/url]
Conservatives, from Burke on, have tended to see the population much in the manner medieval legists and philosophical realists (in contrast to nominalists) saw it: as composed of, not individuals directly, but the natural groups within which individuals invariably live: family, locality, church, region, social class, nation, and so on.

[url=]How to Explain Conservatism to Your Squishy Liberal Friends: Individualism 'R' Us
by P.j O'Rourke[/url]
The individual is the wellspring of conservatism. The purpose of conservative politics is to defend the liberty of the individual and - lest individualism run riot - insist upon individual responsibility.

[url=]Why I became a Conservative
by Robert Scruton[/url]
Henceforth I understood conservatism not as a political credo only, but as a lasting vision of human society, one whose truth would always be hard to perceive, harder still to communicate, and hardest of all to act upon

Read more of Roger Scruton's writings at the Roger Scruton Internet Bibliography.

[url=]The Federalist Papers
by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison[/url]
Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.

[url=]Russel Kirk and the Conservative movement
by Lee Edwards[/url]
The true conservative, he said, could in fact be many different people: a "resolute and strong-minded" clergyman, a farmer who "holds fast" to the wisdom of his ancestors, a truck driver in the very heart of the metropolis, a proprietor of an ancient name endeavoring to moderate inevitable change by "prudence and good nature," an old-fashioned manufacturer (paternalistic and shrewd), a physician, a lawyer, or a schoolmaster.

by Frank Straus Meyer[/url]
For what the conservative is committed to conserve is not simply whatever happens to be the established conditions of a few years or a few decades, but the consensus of his civilization, of his country, as that consensus over the centuries has reflected truth derived from the very constitution of being.

[url=]The Heritage Lectures
by Russel Kirk[/url]
"Democratic Despotism" Behold, Behemoth! While Americans are congratulating themselves and Europeans upon the collapse of the socialist states beyond the demolished Iron Curtain, there continues to expand here in North America the empire of what Alexis de Tocqueville called "democratic despotism". This is a grim tendency toward total centralization of which conservatives have long since complained, in somewhat vague terms, but to which they have offered, so far, little effective resistance.

[url=]1964 Acceptance Speech
by Barry Goldwater[/url]
From this moment, united and determined, we will go forward together, dedicated to the ultimate and undeniable greatness of the whole man. Together we will win.

First Inaugural Address
Second Inaugural Address
Farewell Address
by George Washington
Interwoven as is the love of liberty with every ligament of your hearts, no recommendation of mine is necessary to fortify or confirm the attachment.

First Inaugural Address
Second Inaugural Address
Farewell Address
By Dwight Eisenhower
A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction.

by John Quicy Adams[/url]

Inaugural Address
Thoughts on Government
by John Adams
And may that Being who is supreme over all, the Patron of Order, the Fountain of Justice, and the Protector in all ages of the world of virtuous liberty, continue His blessing upon this nation and its Government and give it all possible success and duration consistent with the ends of His providence.

[url=]Ideas have consequences
by Richard Weaver[/url]
THIS is another book about the dissolution of the West. I attempt two things not commonly found in the growing literature of this subject. First, I present an account of that decline based not on analogy but on deduction. It is here the assumption that the world is intelligible and that man is free and that those consequences we arc now expiating are the product not of biological or other necessity but of unintelligent choice. Second, I go so far as to propound, if not a whole solution, at least the beginning of one, in the belief that man should not follow a scientific analysis with a plea of moral impotence.



Libertarians advocate severe limitations to government control and bureaucracy and promote a philosophy of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Cato Institute: Libertarian policy research group.
International Society for Individual Liberty: A global network of Libertarianian associations and individuals
Libertarian Party of America:
Adovcates for self government: Get your education in Libertarianism right here!
Foundation for Economic Education: Non-political, educational champion of private property, the free-market and limited government

Future of Freedom Foundation: Articles and resources from a libertarian perspective
Liberty Library: A library of information on Libertarianism.
LewRockwell: Anti War,Anti State pro market news site


[url=]Selected Essays of Frederic Bastiat
by Frederic Bastiat[/url]
Existence, faculties, assimilation—in other words, personality, liberty, property—that is what man is-The Law

[url=] The ABC of the Market Economy
by Henry Hazlit[/url]
A "free market" does not mean and has never meant that everybody is free to do as he likes. Since time immemorial mankind has operated under a rule of law, written or unwritten. Under a market system as any other, people are forbidden to kill, molest, rob, libel or otherwise intentionally injure each other

[url=]The Inherent Limitations of the Welfare State
by Willhelm Roepke[/url]
What threatens the structure of our economy and society from within is something else: chronic diseases, spreading secretly and thereby all the more malignant. Their causes are hard to discover and their true nature is concealed from the superficial or thoughtless observer; they tempt individuals and groups with immediate advantages, while their fatal consequences take a long time to manifest themselves and are widely dispersed.

[url=] The Intellectuals and Socialism
by Friedrick Von Hayek[/url]
The intellectual revival of liberalism is already underway in many parts of the world. Will it be in time?

[url=]I, Pencil
by Leonard E Read[/url]
I am a lead pencil--the ordinary wooden pencil familiar to all boys and girls and adults who can read and write....

[url=]The Libertarian Manifesto
by Murray Rothbard[/url]
Aside from invasions of property, however, freedom of speech will necessarily be upheld to the uttermost by every libertarian. Freedom to say, print, and sell any utterance becomes an absolute right, in what­ever area the speech or expression chooses to cover.

[url=]Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism and the Division of Labor
by Murray Rothbard[/url]
Freedom and its concomitant, the widening division of labor, are vital for the flowering of each individual, as well as the literal survival of the vast bulk of the world's population....

[url=]The case against and a critique of Socialism
by Edward F Adams[/url]



Neoconservatives support having a strong military, believe in using military pre-emption and intervention to protect and encourage democracy across the globe, advocate tax-cuts to stimulate economic growth, and prefer strong but not intrusive government.

American Enterprise Institute: Neo-Conservative policy research group.
Project for a New American Century Controversial statement of the Neo-Conservative worldview
Policy Review Online: Another Neo Conservative publication


[url=,filter./pub_detail.asp]The Neoconservative Persuasion
by Irvine Kristol[/url]
What exactly is neoconservatism? Journalists, and now even presidential candidates, speak with an enviable confidence on who or what is "neoconservative" and seem to assume the meaning is fully revealed in the name. Those of us who are designated as "neocons" are amused, flattered, or dismissive, depending on the context. It is reasonable to wonder: is there any "there" there?

[url=]Of Power and Weakness
by Robert Kagan[/url]
It is time to stop pretending that Europeans and Americans share a common view of the world, or even that they occupy the same world. On the all-important question of power — the efficacy of power, the morality of power, the desirability of power — American and European perspectives are diverging.

[url=]The Healer
by Robert Kagan[/url]
And now Europeans have become evangelists for their "postmodern" gospel of international relations. The application of the European miracle to the rest of the world has become Europe's new mission civilisatrice. If Germany can be tamed through gentle rapprochement, why not Iraq?

[url=]Think Again: Neo-Cons
by Max Boot[/url]
While this list seems impressive, it also reveals that the neocons have no representatives in the administration’s top tier. President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice: Not a neocon among them.

[url=]The Clash of Civilizations
by Samuel P.Huntington[/url]

It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural

[url=]If not Civilizations, what? Samuel Huntington responds to his critics
by Samuel P.Huntington[/url]

When people think seriously, they think abstractly; they conjure up simplified pictures of reality called concepts, theories, models, paradigms. Without such intellectual constructs, there is, William James said, only "a bloomin' buzzin' confusion."

Evil Empire and
Farewell Address
By Ronald Reagan
What I am describing now is a plan and a hope for the long term -- the march of freedom and democracy which will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history as it has left other tyrannies which stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people

Inaugural Address
The Man in the Arena: Citizenship in a Republic
The Strenuous Life
By Theodore Roosevelt
Much has been given us, and much will rightfully be expected from us. We have duties to others and duties to ourselves; and we can shirk neither. We have become a great nation, forced by the fact of its greatness into relations with the other nations of the earth, and we must behave as beseems a people with such responsibilities

by Douglas MacArthur[/url]
However horrible the incidents of war may be, the soldier who is called upon to offer and to give his life for his country is the noblest development of mankind.


Blogosphere Collection of Right minded blogs

Right Reason
Intellectual Conservative
Dissect Leftism
The Volokh Conspiracy
Tim Blair
Andrew Sullivan
Daniel Pipes
The Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler
Kim Du Toit
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American Realpolitik
Right Thinking from the Left Coast
UK Conservative Commentary
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Drudge Report
Neophyte Pundit
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Right Wing Magazines

National Review Online
The Spectator Magazine UK
The Spectator Magazine US
Frontpage Magazine
Weekly Standard
Capitalism Magazine
City Journal
The New Criterion
Opinion Journal
Tech Central Station
Intellectual Activist
Reason Magazine
Enter Stage Right
The American Conservative(*Note: You have to pay to read the full site)
First Things
Modern Age

Right Wing Think Tanks

Intercollegiate Studies Institute
The Heritage Foundation
American Enterprise Institute
Cato Institute
Hoover Institution
Hudson Institute
Ethics and Public Policy Centre
Discovery Institute
Project For The New American Century
Centre For Strategic and International Studies
Manhatten Institute
Lexington Institute


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By Freedom
Personal Details

Country of Birth: United States of America
Country of Residence: Ireland
Religion: Roman Catholic

Interests: Listening to Music, watching movies, reading, writing, soccer, computer games, basketball, snooker/pool, going out with friends, women and naturally politics.

Political Views

Socialy: Pro-Life, Pro Family Values, Anti Political Correctness, Pro highly restricted immigration and in favour of deportation of Illegals, Pro Death Penalty for murderers, rapists/pedophiles and terrorist. Irish Patriot. Pro limited and restricted gun ownership.

Economically: Limited Government, Flat Tax, Economic Patriotism, limited regulation on business, protectionism of native jobs especially in manufacturing and high-tech industries. Not an opponent of Trade Unions.

Military: Modern, well funded and well equiped military. I'm in favour of upholding Irish neutrality. I believe that the police should be militarised.I believe in mandatory military service. Military Isolationist.

Foreign Policy: Anti European Union, Anti United Nations, Anti World Trade Organisation, Anti International Criminals Court. In favour of a reformed take on the War on Terror. Anti European single currency. Pro Israel. Anti Kyoto Treaty. Non-Interventionist.

Favourite political commentators: (Anyone familar with these commentators will notice many have contradictory views. However all of them have views, which in my opion they express well, that I agree with. Just because they are linked below doesnt mean I agree with every statement they have ever uttered in their careers. I agree with no one absolutely)

Daniel Pipes, Roger Scruton, Christina Hoff Sommers, Patrick Buchanan(Here too), Theordore Dalrymple,Steve Milloy,Peter Hitchens, Ilana Mercer

More to come
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Social: Pro-Life, Pro-2nd amendment, Pro-troops on the border until the illegal immigration mess slows a bit, Pro-death penalty, Very concerned about the abuse of property-rights in the US

Economically:Fair Tax!, and little interference of business from government

Military: Peace through strength, pro-draft but voluntary service when the draft isn't necessary

Foreign Policy: ANTI-UN! Pro-less spending to support foreign countries when a hostile stance is taken against the US.
By Steve
(edited March 3, 2006)

Social: I'm less socially conservative than I used to be... I'm not opposed to same-sex marriage or abortion, although I tend to support harsher drug laws.

Economic: Small government - lower taxes, major reductions in government spending. I would like to see the Canadian Broadcasing Corportation privatized.

Military: I support the Conservative Party of Canada's plans for the military - more funding, additional troops, new equipment, armed Arctic icebreakers and a deep-water port in Iqaluit.

Foreign policy: Canada should take a more vocal role in international affairs, reduce hostility towards the USA and adopt a stance closer to that of the Americans.
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By Mark
Personal Details

Place of Birth: North East England
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Religion: Mormon

Interests: Politics,Tae Kwon Do, Music

Party Membership: Ex-member of Conservative Party (British).

Political Views

Social: Anti-abortion, Pro-Family, Very anti-drugs, in favour of highly punitive taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. Pro-Section 28.

Political: Democratise Westminster, referendum on Monarchy, pro-local democracy, Eurosceptic (but not in favour of withdrawal).

Military: Ethical policy.

Economic: In favour of kerbing business freedoms in order to bring power back into the hands of the consumer. Economically left-of-centre. Raise taxes on businesses and the rich.
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By Tex
I think of myself more as a realist than a conservative, but I accept the "label" because I intersect with conservatives on many issues:

Social: Pro-Life...but still listening. For major welfare reform that demands work from the able-bodied and able-minded. For reducing socialistic entitlement programs, especially the ones that distinguish by race. For vigorous enforcement of existing immigration laws. Pro 2nd Amendment rights. Pro death penalty.

Political: Pro Electoral College. "Wishy-washy" on the Patriot Act. Generally prefer repeal of old laws to enactment of new laws. For less intervention by the federal government in state and local issues.

Military: For higher pay and more benefits for those who re-enlist. Generally pleased with what I perceive as the current military philosophy,i.e. to win quickly to reduce casualties.

Economic: For minimal government intervention, but strict enforcement of corporate violations in existing law. More tax cuts offset by reduced entitlements to those who don't need it. For tax reform (to make it simpler: flat tax or sales tax based)
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By enLight
Personal Details

Place of Birth: Chicago
Place of Residence: Chicago
Religion: Protestant Christian

Interests: Philosophy, Politics, Reading, Writing, Camping, Movies

Political Views

Social: Morality must be protected by law and enforced through social stigma. I'm against abortion, believe the war on drugs is worth fighting, do not think that there should be gay marriage, and am against radical secularism.

Economic: Communism/Socialism is undesirable, but so is unrestricted free-market Capitalism (monopolies, unethical marketing campaigns, etc.). I'm all for small business, private property, and semi-protectionist policies to make America as self-reliant as possible. I'm against welfare and affirmative action.

Military: The military should be strong and up-to-date. Foreign intervention and preemptive strikes are necessary when our nation's security and interests are threatened.

Political: I consider myself to be a traditional conservative. Thinkers such as Edmund Burke, Michael Oakeshott, Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley Jr., and Roger Scruton best reflect my political and philosophical stance. When it comes to elections, I usually vote Republican.
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By The American Lion
Social: Anti-Abortion and bring back morals in todays world. 100% Gun rights! No restrictions except for the mentaliy insane and ex-convicts.

Econimic: Pro-small and big business, free trade, tax cuts, Free-Markets

Military: Up-to-date, Preemptive strikes, and pro-foreign intervention.

Foreign Policy: Support Isreal 100% and get rid Araffat. American first!

Politically: One recount and thats it! Small Government. No well-fair systems.
By lookingin
Con·ser·va·tive adj. 1. Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change. 2. Traditional or restrained in style. 3. Moderate; cautious.

I believe the appropriate definition is 3. However that could be translated to reasonable, fair, and vigilant.

Economic: Small business, American business -- enough of this cheap foreign labor crap. Big business too, but not so big that they sell out their own homeland. Globalization is making us consumer slaves to a new form of commercial dictatorship.

Military: Where do I start? No preemptive strikes -- the USA is not a punk who like to start fights -- it's called "military defense" for a reason. High-tech Homeland Security will never be our collective eyes and ears without us losing our individual freedom in the process, be brave and vigilant citizens.

Foreign Policy: Who knows? How can any trust develop anywhere? If we cannot resolve our own issues right here.

Politically: A government that lets people live as freely as possible, realization that everybody has a purpose -- even if they don't yet understand it. Tax people for having kids and adding to a world population that's getting congested by adding more miserable people without jobs to an already miserable world. No amount of good teaching can make brains with a genetic lack of intellectual carrying space sufficiently intellectual, for the intellect is not the only valuable part of a brain in life and therefore shouldn't be the only respected standard. Do away with social parasites like lawyers who get paid only to limit others' creativity. Get rid of pencil pushing, computer keyboard pounding, stockmarket-type money gambling weasels. Get rid of insurance because in life shzit (that is beyond your control) happens that unfortunately nobody can be blamed for. Life is unfair, accept it and pray to God (however you understand what God is) that things get better for you. And if the government says anything about anything, it should be to remind people to accept responsibility for themselves, and warn that if at anytime you should feel someone wronged you -- just remember at least you have the privilege of being alive in a truly free country, whose integrity of freedom is preserved foremost.

Okay maybe that last part is just a dream I had, but then again it is true that a dream is more pleasant than reality. Still this dream seems more plausible as a reality to me than the real-life nightmare that we have now.
By Astaroth
Cool sticky! I gotta follow Freedom's format!

Personal Details

Origin by Birth: Vancouver, Canada
Citizenship: Canadian/American
Current Residence: WA, USA
Religion: WASP
Employment: Electrical Engineer, DoD-Army

Interests: Family (wife and puppy!), Politics 24-7 (News-hawk, blogger, bbs-forums and AM radio!), computers/electronics/electrical engineering and related tech...and various forms of entertainment like sports, movies and even TV when nothing interesting in the news (like that happens)...



This will be hard to sound different...all your responses were great to read!

Overall: Constitutionalist Conservative Libertarian that seeks to re-establish the states-rights as originally intended, which ultimately seeks the DE-establishment of the federalist agenda, minimizing federal mandates and legislation. And generally, I'm about anything that brings to light the truth behind the Great Liberal Lie.

Social: In a word, our moral culture defines the strength and fabric of our society--however, I still believe in a limited government even on this. Sexual libertarian, anti-drug laws, etc...I'm Anti-Infanticide (prenatal!), Anti-Affirmative Racism, I promote the traditional marriage and don't approve of validating social choices as cultural norms by giving special rights to special interests. As a result, I'm all about PERSONAL FREAKIN RESPONSIBILITY!!! Against the Welfare State and it's various forms...

Economically: Fiscal Conservative. I understand that fair means EQUAL taxation, not progressive taxation, and have taken enough mathematics and statistics to also see that under low, flat taxation, the tax burden is shifted to the shoulder of the RICH, not vice versa. Ergo, I'm pro-business, large and small. Pro-protection of the DOMESTIC economy. I am for bringing back our nation's energy security by developing Nuclear energy and drilling in Alaska, so we don't rely on foreign resources. I believe that the constitution empowers the government with providing the SECURITY of the nation (energy, defense, etc), and was not intended to provide extensive welfare that bankrupts. (hence, limited gov)

Military: I work for the Army. I support it and other branches of the military. Having a strong military is the only way of keeping peace--through strength. Once it's borders were established, the USofA have never been expansionist by nature, but defensive/isolationist--I support pre-emptive activity on account of pre-emptive threats to our economic and physical safety.

Foreign Policy: I support fully the concept of State Sovereignty. The UN is just a round table where people can come together and work out problems, and should not be considered an 'authority'. The UN is out of date and is therefore irrelevant and at times irresponsible. I am not against entering into treaties with other nations and holding to our word (A nation is only as good as its word). I am a realist in stating that being the sole superpower comes with responsibility for promoting world peace, but AS the superpower, I expect the US to have a certain level of ability to call the shots in that process since it's MY money being spent the most on those efforts. Peace through Strength. It was the US that ended WWIII (Cold War) through aggressive actions against rapidly forming/growing Communist States, rather than through detente or containment. On an additional side note, Israel is our ally, and we should support them--we never let terrorist activity go unchecked on our soil, we should not expect them to.
By smashthestate
Social: You can do anything you want, so long as what you do does not hinder anyone else from doing whatever they want.

Economic: Totally unregulated. Free trade. Complete separation from economy and government.

Military: Completely voluntary. Funded by voluntary contributions.

Foreign policy: Isolationist. Not get involved in foreign affairs that don't directly effect the nation.

Political: Libertarian.
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By Comrade Ogilvy
Social: Your right to be a dumbass ends when I have to deal with it. You ARE a beautiful and unique snowflake, but so is everyone else. You are not entitled to any more than they are. As long as you do not come between me and mine, live your life.

Economic: Reform reform reform. We spend more than enough on EVERYTHING in this country to get the job done if the money was just spent more intelligently and didn't fall into the black hole of government mismanagement.

Military: Always always ALWAYS make sure your toys are better than the other guys. Always try for a nonviolent solution. And when that fails, as it always does, end the conflict with sudden and overwhelming violence of such a level people will be deploring it centuries from now.

Foreign policy: Whatever brings us the most profit. In some situations that's hands off, in some it is cooperation, in some it's violence. America has an interest in America, and everything else should be secondary to that.

Political: Independent. Yes it's a cop out, but the rest don't fit.
By jpyy
Personal Details

Country of Birth: Finland
Country of Residence: Finland

Interest: Music, Piano playing, movies, reading, motorsports, hunting, fishing

Social: Anti-drugs, Pro Family Values, Anti Political Correctness, highly, Pro Death Penalty for murderers, rapists/pedophiles. Pro Death Penalty.

Economic: Almost no or very little involment from the state, free trade

Military: I like the system we use in Finland, minimum 6 months in the army for every man or community service for 13 months , and the army has to stay up to date.

Foreign policy: Not to get involved unless it has some impact on you

Political: The Government that governs the least is the best government
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By Noumenon
Personal Details

Country of Birth: USA, Colorado
Country of Residence: USA, Virginia
Religion: Deism (don't believe in organized religion)

Interests: metal, politics (obviously)

Political Views - Libertarian

Socially: very pro-life (except when mother's life is at stake), anti-war on drugs, anti- political correctness, somewhat pro death penalty, anti-affirmative action in the government (not with my tax dollars!), against the patriot act, pro-gun. Basically, if it infringes on any rights, I'm against it.

Economically: Very anti-socialism. We need to abolish all taxes and pay for services with user fees. Those sservices should be limited to defense, punishing criminals, and maybe a few minor things like building roads. Pro-free trade.

Military: Anti-draft, anti-interventionism except when theres a clear threat, cut military spending drastically, make congress the only body that can declare war again.

Ethically: One is free to do what ever he wants except violate another's natural rights.
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By Vander
Personal Details

Country of Birth: United States of America, Michigan
Country of Residence: United States of America, Tennessee
Religion: None

Interests Nature and Travel Photography, Travel, Natural Sciences, Politics

Political Views

Socially: Pro-life, anti-regulation by government of private life-style, I tend to be pro-Christian although I do not go to any church or practice religion myself. I have done extensive Bible study, and some Christian doctrine I support, others I deny vehemently.

Economically: I hold that individuals are the makers of their own destiny, and believe the government should never interfere with this. The less socialism the better, but there does need to be a safety net for those who are on hard times. Current governmental social programs need to be overhauled and protected from the government robbing funds from social programs (ie what has happened to Social Security.) Pro-tax cuts, and anti-IRS. Pro-small business, pro-protectionism, pro-privitization.

Military Strongly support an extremely strong and effective military. The more modern and technologically advanced the better. Pro-volunteer military, anti-draft. Pro-intervention, pro-preemptive strike.

Politically Pro-small government. The functions of government should be limited to national defense, internal infrastructure, strong central banking system, and criminal law enforcement.

Conservation Also, being a lover of nature and wild creatures, I am a strong conservationist. We must conserve our natural resources using technology and conscious logic to achieve balance between human advancement and preservation. It is both possible and necessary.

Education Education should be compulsory and private. The state governments should use their tax base to provide vouchers for families that cannot afford good private education. Since it is good for the nation as whole, and also a mighty benefit for the individual, a social payment of the poor's education is a good thing, so long as the schools are not interfered with on how they achieve their teaching to meet minimum standards.

This would also be cheaper than our current public school system, and all children will be able to attend school.
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By Visage of Glory
Social: Pro-life, Anti-homosexual and same-sex marriage, Anti-drug, Pro-capital punishment. I think one of the major functions of the government is to create and uphold public morality.

Political: As long as the government is morally-upright, and does not have too much power, I like it. UN should not be political, just humanitarian.

Economically: Don't pay slackers anything. If you make the money, honestly, then you shoud be able to keep most of it. Sure, some people need help, but others just mooch off the government.

Military: Take out the evil countries and try to make them see the light. Might does not equal right, but if you have the right and the might, you should use it.[/b]
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By Comrade Ogilvy
Country of birth:
The good ol' red white and blue.

Country currently:
America. Though sometimes I don't think it's appropiate to refer to it as such in this day of age..

None technichally. But have strong tendicies towards Buddhist/Hindu faiths.

Happyness and how it can come in everything around us. Spirituallity, quantamn theory, and the idea that I can find enlightenment.

Our United students don't even take advantage of our school systems. I say we defund them and allow children to either learn through church means or private home ways. If they want to learn they will find a way. The average American student is quite dumb, unnescarey tax burn.

Pro-death penalty:
The economical gift of killing scum bags, the justice sought in the victim's loss, and the severe punishment to motivate obediance is overkill (Pardon the pun. :p ) on it being a good idea.

Only under extreme circumstances should abortion be given. There is no reason a woman should have the right to kill another simply because she was irresponsible and stupid. If she is unable to care for that baby, then it becomes goverment property. And in most cases I would prefer abortions be privately funded anyway.

Drugs are perhaps the most common toxic. I see drugs as a weapon before nuclear war. They ruin people's lives and have too much power. Destroy the countries that bring them, and punish severely those that are linked to them. With the exseption of marijuana which I see as more or less alchahol.

Anti-sex before marriage:
Intercourse has lost all meaning, no longer is it seen as a ritual of passion and good karma but simply an action that promotes popularity or negativity. Which it grants neither of. If people cannot appreciate the beauty of sex, and show responsibility and respect for it's power, then they should not be allowed to do it before marriage. As they are still children inside..

All religons are to be respected. Especially the more traditional forms such as Christianity and Judaism. Though they do not have much impact directly on my views of goverment.. Exseptions again, satanism and athiesm. As they claim to not worship anything. So to them I shoot the bird. And religons that's basis is to mock another religon (Such as bad religons where saying The Lord's prayer backwards and crap.) should be ignored and if they countinue to bother your social ring, inform the goverment and we will do away with them.

Our economy is not all that bad. When we have alot of small buisnesses we have more options, when we have more big buisnesses we have more security, when we have a strong amount of both we have more possibilities. Any buisness is good buisness.

Strongly support our armed forces. They are what keep this country alive.

Pro-Preemptive strike:
Anyone who thinks that it's a good idea to go into unknown territory yelling "Here I am! I'm gonna' get ya'!" deserves to be shot.

We not only love, but encourage people to join with thier own free will. It shows innitaitve.

Some cannot be trusted to be so innitaitive. Regardless, we have a war to be fought, and we cannot risk losing it all because the individual wants to be a coward.

Political views:
The goverment should enforce it's power more often and more swiftly. They are our supirior. They know things we can't even begin to know. Why should they have to get on thier knees for the lower class that does not appreciate all that is done for them?

Ethical views:
All I ask is everyone have common sense and common decency. All common decencies are common sense, but not all common senses are common dedency. Learn what's what, or die and have a very cheap funeral.
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By Todd D.
Personal Details

Country of Birth: United States of America, New Jersey
Country of Residence: United States of America, Texas
Religion: Roman Catholic

Interests:Professional Wrestling, Amateur Wrestling, College Football, Religion, Electronics.
Political Views

Socially: This government was founded on one very simple premise: Liberty. As such I believe that it is not only wrong to try and tell people what is best for them, it's arrogant. So long as it does not infringe upon another's rights to life, liberty, or property, then it should be legal. I support the full legalization of all drugs, prostitution, and any other moral code the government has attempted to force upon us.

Economically: Complete and unbridled Free Trade is the most beneficial to society as a whole. Voluntary transactions and freedom to choose who to do business with will not only lead to the lowest prices for consumer goods, but an incentive for businesses to provide the best product possible. In RARE cases, the government needs to step in to protect the consumer from natural monopolies, Standard Oil comes to mind, when dealing with necessity. Note, neccessity. The legislation against Microsoft is a good example of the government attempting to help, but in essence hurts, the consumer.

Military: Completely voluntary. A draft amounts to nothing more than slavery, paid or not. The military should also not act as a police of the world. Yes 9/11 changed the rules, but it should have lit a fire under our ass to protect ourselves better nationally, not going out and acting as if anyone that disagrees with us is our enemy.

Politically: Libertarian. The basis of my political philosophy comes from two very simple statements: "First do no harm" and "I am not my brother's keeper". Forcing transfer programs, progressive taxation, and any other program that does not treat each and every american as being completely equal in the government's eyes is wrong, in my opinion. This includes the racial profiling that is inherant in the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act also represents gross infringements on an individual's right to privacy. The idea of "if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide" idea does not fly with me.

Religion: I am a Catholic. I base my personal morality as such. I do not blindly follow the Bible, nor do I blindly follow my priest (though I will say that I have the most liberal priest I have ever met), but my morality is very similar with that of the Catholic Church. I don't believe in contraception, I don't agree with homosexuality, etc. However, my beliefs are just that, they are my beliefs, and I do not force them on anyone else. I have friends that are gay, I have friends that are of differnet faiths, etc, and it's not a big deal at all. I don't believe that the government should take any stance, for or against, any religion. Bush has walked a very fine line, but I think was doing it well until he proposed an Ammendment against gay marraige. This is an ammendment based solely on his religious principles, and that's something I disagree with. Having your faith influence your morality is one thing, but using it to justify legislaion that violates the Constitution is another.
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By Comrade Ogilvy
Personal Details

Country of Birth: Lake Forest, Illinois, United States of America
Country of Residence: Antigo, Wisconsin, United States of America
Religion: Atheism

Interests: Baseball, cross country, track and field, computers, automobiles, gourmet cooking, beer, lecherous behavior

Political Views

Socially: Conservatives, in their desire to enforce morality, now consider morality to be the preserve of the state. People such as Robert Bork think that only coercive state action can create morality. This is arrogant, dangerous, and false. An action is only virtuous if undertaken voluntarily. If one is compelled to behave in a moral fashion, one is not behaving in a moral fashion--merely submitting to force. As a libertarian, I believe that all unprovoked initiation of force is immoral. I'm on the fence about abortion. I tend to view a fetus as a physical parasite and, thus, not a human being, but on the other hand, I certainly sympathize with the viewpoint that a fetus may be a human being. With regards to the death penalty, I DO support the death penalty, but not as currently implemented. Before condemning a man to death, it should be established, conclusively and without a shadow of a doubt, that he is guilty. Furthermore, it should be proven that he is irreformable. Finally, his crime must be a heinous one. And as to gay marriage, I don't believe the government should be in the marriage business at all.

As to my personal morality and ethics, I believe that lying and deceiving is wrong, and I categorically despise the dishonest. I also am a moral absolutist, and I feel that moral relativism is a bankrupt and evil doctrine, though that is not to say that I reject proportionalism (ie, the greater good theory). As to my sexual life, I'm a heterosexual, and I feel that waiting for sex before marriage is stupid. Indeed, I lost my virginity at the age of 16, and continue to engage in premarital lecherous behavior.

Other socialy policy: Education, healthcare, welfare, social security, etc. are not legitimate functions of government, and government has no role in them whatsoever. Government involvement in social welfare creates many unintended consequences, is inefficient, and essentially forces people to do many things against their will.

Economically: I believe, almost religiously, in laissez-faire capitalism. Just as church and state are seperated, economy and state must be seperated. The government should have LITERALLY ZERO ROLE IN THE ECONOMY. This includes public goods that even Adam Smith supported, such as roads and lighthouses. The private sector is more than capable of supplying these, as economists such as Murray Rothbard have persuasively argued. I even go so far as to extend this to money. The government should immediately freeze the monetary base, return to a gold standard, and then get out of the business of regulating the means of exchange. As to the great libertarian question of fractional reserve banking, I support fractional reserve banking. The way one should approach that question is, "How would a society with no government handle it?" I conclusively reached the decision that a society with no government would engage in fractional reserve banking. By abolishing the central bank and a government monopoly on money, natural market restraints would prevent general overextension of credit as it is.

Military: The military must be an all-volunteer force. Conscription, as far as I'm concerned, is slavery. One's person is one's own property, and the state has no right to it. As for the military itself, the US military is too inwardly focused and rigidly bureaucratic. It must become a true third-generation force, outwardly focused, highly flexible, and focused on maneuver and results. Officers and enlisted men should be trained to accomplish objectives, not to obey. This is the model the Germans developed in response to trench warfare, and this is the model all modern militaries should follow.

Former corporate executives should be hired to ruthlessly trim waste at the Pentagon, and white elephant weapons programs must be eliminated. The military ought to be a small, elite force capable of defending our borders with overwhelming force, and capable of performing overseas incursions when we are legitimately threatened--but never occupation. I do believe this should include a nuclear deterrent. Spending, for this, should never exceed 1% of GDP, except during wartime. Eventually, I'd eliminate taxation for military support by voluntary contributions, and I think an experiment in privatizing the military (Hoppe-esque) ought to be attempted.

Politically: The modern obsession with democracy is a foolish one indeed. The masses will, given the oppurtunity, vote for the demagogue who promises them the most money. Democracy is tyrannical, and the masses vote themselves straight to hell. The founders sought to circumvent this via federalism, localism, checks and balances, constitutional limits on power, and restricting what voters can do. As we can clearly see, this has failed. Given that government's ONLY roles are the rule of law and defense (which is debateable), a constitution ought to prevent the government from engaging in ANYTHING BUT. The provision of the rule of law should be as decentralized as possible. We need an aristocratic republic, which is essentially self-governing by laws, and severely hampered by lack of access to power and, especially, revenue--government must be forbidden to tax (after a phase-in period). This will prevent it from growing, period.

In short, I'm a radical libertarian, though I have more articulated views on the military than the vast majority of libertarians. The exception would be William S. Lind, though he's more of a Russel Kirk conservative.
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By christianfundamentalist
Economic: In favour of a flat tax, support privatization and market liberalisation.

Social: Anti-gay, anti-abortion...socially conservative.

Foreign Policy: I support preventive warfare.

Politically:[/quote] I am a separatistic fundamentalist! Pro-death penalty, infavour of a small strong state.

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