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Traditional 'common sense' values and duty to the state.
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By Tim
British Conservative

Economics - Thatcerhite, free economy, de-regulation, anti-welfare state - can work WILL WORK - pro-flat taxation, pro-poll tax!

Social - Pro-family, pro-life, pro-British, anti-mass immigration, anti-political correctness.

Foreign policy - For the love of God, get Britain out of the EU!!!, Neo-Con in foreign policy.

military - support military spending, support bases in Falklands and gibraltar (if the Argies or Spanish dear take either one, we should be on them like a rash!!), support the war on terror.

Best Conservatives: Patrick Buchanan, Lord Tebbitt, Baroness Thatcher, Enoch Powell, Peter Hitchens, Simon Heffer, Richard Littlejohn, Janet Daley, Ann Coulter, Eric Forth.
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By the new state
Economics - flat tax, deregulation, end the welfare state!

Social - I believe a society can only survice when it has a thread of cultural unity, meaning multi-culturalism as we know it today(accepting total divergence from our values) is unacceptable. I believe new cultures add value to our nation, but a common language and an understanding of American values is essential.

Foreign policy - LEAVE THE U.N., Continue the War on Islamism and set out to create a new international organization to fit the new political reality.

military - DOUBLE military spending and hand the space program over to the military, support war on terror, keep the military all-volunteer.
Personal Details

Birth: Taipei, R.O.C.
Residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Religion: Evangelical Christian

Political Views

Social: pro-life, anti-drug

Economic: fiscal conservative, free market

military: volunteer military

foreign: pro-US, anti-UN
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By Paradigm
Personal Details

Birth: USA - California
Residence: USA - California
Religion: I have my own spiritual beliefs which don't really fall into one religious category.

Interests: Politics, philosophy, science...pretty much any intellectual pursuits. I also play guitar.

Political Views

Social: Libertarian. Let people do what they want as long as they don't hurt anyone else. I differ somewhat from libertarianism on the environment. The role of government should be to stop the iniation of force against peaceful individuals, not upholding some vague, arbitrary idea called "morality," whatever that is.

Economic: Free market geolibertarian. I oppose corporate welfare, foreign aid, income tax, the federal reserve, fiat currency, social security, socialized medicine, and pretty much any government programs that can be sufficiently handled by the free market. I'm not entirely against social welfare so long as it actually helps people help themselves, rather than simply giving handouts. I favor a land value tax as the only means of taxation.

Military: Isolationist. I prefer that we follow George Washington's advice: "Trade and friendship with all. Entangling alliances with none." I oppose the draft just as I oppose any other form of slavery.

Politically: Small government all the way. I am a registered Libertarian, and do not trust either the Democrats or Republicans.
By Gershomite
Personal Details - Gershomite

Birthplace: USA - Southern California
Residence: USA - Texas
Religion: Orthodox Judaism
Politics: Constitutional Libertarian within Conservative ranks
Interests: Idea exchange and discussion on the finer points of Religion, Politics, Philosophy, Morality and Ethical bahavior; not that I am an expert in any of these areas.

Political Views -


Social, Individual - Freedom of mind, body, and spirit. Personal responsibility is the price of personal freedom.

Social, Corporate - See above, apply to groups.

Religion - My religion is just that, mine...go out and get your own, and leave me alone. (In case that is cryptic: I mean Atheists)

Education - Do not allow Child Psychologists with 100' of any public school, or education policy making body. Self esteem comes through accomplishment, not false praise. Teach basic skills; encourage problem solving ablilities; teach financial, moral, and civil reponsibility. Prepare students for the real world.

Immigration. Fortify the borders to prevent hostile immigration, yet encourage legal immigration. Make investigations at the border, not after citizenship has been granted.


Free market - Self explanatory. Junior economists notwithstanding, there is no way to place a burden on business that does not get passed along to the consumer. Make and keep America business friendly. Minimal regulation will help create and keep jobs here.

Taxes - There is no way that individual taxation will ever be fair. A combination of use based taxation, and minimum flat tax seems to be the best compromise.


Maintain, at any cost, the most well trained and equipped force in the world. (See foriegn policy below) All volunteer force, save in the direst of emergencies.


Representative Democracy is the only system of government that truly works. Add the ideals of Liberatarianism, and it shall be the last govenment humanity ever needs.

Foreign Policy

Walk softly and carry the biggest stick in the world with nasty rusted nails coming out of it. Avoid foreign entanglements that have no direct benefit to the United States, be wary in those that do.

Role of Government

The duty of government is to serve the citizenry, not manage them. Social meddling should be viewed equally hazardous to freedom as foreign meddling is. Every social program exists as a tribute to its own ineffectiveness. The Constitution guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not a free ride. That means that the government should take care of the destitute, (life), make sure we are all free, (liberty), after that you are on your own to pursue happiness.
By Conservative Libertarian
Personal Details

Country of Birth: U.S.A., Illinois
Country of Residence: U.S.A., Illinois
Religion: Lutheran

Interests: Music, board games, video games, books (mainly Sci-fi and Non-Fiction)

Political Views

Socialy: Pro-Life, Pro Family Values, Anti Political Correctness, Pro highly restricted immigration and in favour of deportation of Illegals, Pro Death Penalty for murderers and terrorist. American patriot. Gun Ownership restricted to those not mentally deranged or criminals. Criminal Rehabilitation for those not recieving the death penalty.

Economically: Limited Government, Flat Tax, Economic Patriotism, limited regulation on business, protectionism of native jobs especially in manufacturing and high-tech industries. Not an opponent of Trade Unions.
Envriomental Regulation

Military: Modern, well funded. well trained, and well equiped military. Non-Militarised police. Military Service mandatory except when one's religion or physical state prohibit them. Military Isolationist unless forced otherwise.

Foreign Policy: Anti European Union, Anti United Nations, Anti World Trade Organisation, Anti International Criminals Court. Pro-International cooperation regarding criminals. In favour of a reformed take on the War on Terror. Pro Israel. Non-Interventionist.
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By Apollos
Personal Details

Real Name: Brett
Age: 16
DOB: July 12, 1988
Place of Residence: Southern California, born and raised
Religion: Biblical Christian Theism, verbal-plenary inspirationist

Political Views:

Rights of the Individual-
"all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights"

Gun Control-
"If you outlaw guns, the outlaws will still have guns."

Limited Government-
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Separation of Church and State-
Keep the state out of the churches affairs, but don't censor the church just because it's the church.

"Legislating Morality"-
This cannot be avoided, the question is what morals we should legislate.

The brutal dismemberment of an innocent, distinct human being simply because it is in the way and cannot defend itself (quite blunt, wouldn't you say

Active Euthanasia = murder
Passive Euthanasia with consent = acceptable

Political Correctness-
I'm a white, conservative, Christian, American, straight, middle-class is politically correct to discriminate against in any way for any reason, but it is politically incorrect for me to protest about it :eh:

Sophist tripe resurrected by a handful of theophobic professors forcing it down the throats of their starved pupils.

Well, I guess that about covers it. :rainbow:
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By Sarah
English Conservative/Idealist!

Social - VERY anti-PC, anti-mass immigration, pro-segrigation, pro-same sex parternership and rights, anti-drugs legalisation, pro-womans choice in abortion (I'm not sounding very Tory am I!!)

Economics - Anti-welfare state

Foreign policy - ANTI-EU!!

military - Support the war on terror

Personal Details

Real Name: Sarah
Age: 27
DOB: July 26th 1977
Place of Residence: England but Irish by blood.
Religion: Christian Spiritualist.
By Omega
Personal Details

Country of Birth: US
Country of Residence: US
Religion: Non-Affiliated

Interests: Politics,
Political Views: Conservative NeoLiberalism

Socially: I'm a mixed breed. I have some libertarian stances like legalizing prostitution but for the most part I'm moderate. I support the counter-terrorist efforts Bush has made and safety comes before protecting our civil liberties. I am a zionist, pro-choice, anti-gay marriage; generally a moderate.
Economically: Strong conservative. I favor economic oppurtunity over economics equality. pro-tax cuts, cut some programs, anti-minimum wage, anti-unions, leave my paycheck alone.

Military: I'm a realist. Everything we do must be in our own interest, I despise neo-conservatives who insist of bringing democracy everywhere even if it isn't in our best interest to grant them democracy. the international community is anarchic and boundaries are only enforced by a balance of powers.

Politically: Small government for the most part, the government's only responsibilities really are to provide defense, security, and preserve order as well as making an attractive business atmosphere.
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By stannis
According to PoFo quiz I belong in the Conservative group as a "conservative with socialist leanings". You can read the following and make up your own mind whether I'm a true conservative or whether I belong elsewhere...

Personal Details

Birth: Ireland - Cork
Residence: France - Paris
Religion: Catholic (somewhat lapsed)

Interests: History, culture, music, language, politics, travel, etc.

Political Views

Social: A sensible balance between individual freedom (e.g. the right to fair trial, not to be subjected to torture) and moral responsibility (no to drugs, no to abortion, no to anti-social behaviour). Catholic social teaching is a useful guide. No to Islamisation, yes to European culture.

Economic: Social justice derived from a combination of socialism and capitalism, with strong community and co-operative involvement. Pacts between state, trade unions and employers. Reasonable welfare for the vulnerable (disabled, elderly, children). No to unrestrained capitalism.

Military: Defence only, nuff said - no invasions on "pre-emptive" terms unless 100 percent necessary.

Politically: Balance between central legislation and local power, a necessary and desirable tension. Referenda for more direct democracy.
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By Thoss
I thought I posted on this thread earlier, but oh well.

Pofo quiz calls me An moderate economic and social libertarian.

Personal Details

Birth: Canada, Regina Saskatchean
Residence: Canada, Vancouver British Columbia

Interests: History, politics, Armed Forces, Geography

Political Views

Social: My social values are strongly libertarian. Legalization of Drugs, No state definition of Marriage, pro-abortion as aggregate benefit to society. In short, I want the state out of my personal life.

Economic: Meritocracy. I believe Meritocracy is consistent with inheritance as family ties need to remain strong. Centralized monatary and fiscal policy is a must. Taxation however, needs to taken more seriously and decreased if at all pragmatic. Meritocratic free market basically is what I'm getting at.

Military: Large, consistent defense spending is a must, especially for my nation, Canada. A more shrewd foreign policy backed up by a military not afraid to back down at home, and not afraid to deploy abroad. Alliances, like NATO, are great in my books.

Politically: I would call my self a Tory in a older sense. Respect and deferance towards the crown. Respect for tradition and state/imperial values. Solidarity with the Commonwealth and English Speaking Nations. I don't buy into any of this recent social conservative crap. Conservative in my books is respect for your political past.
By John
Personal Details

Country of Birth: Pennsylvania, United States
Country of Residence: Pennsylvania, United States
Religion: Deist (aspiring to convert to Judaism)

Interests: Politics, History, Current Events, Movies, Religion, Medical Practice, Outdoors

Political Views

Socially: I am social conservative, with few exceptions. I do feel that homosexuals are owed the same rights and privelages under the law that any other group is offered. However, I also feel that marriage should not be recognized by government, at all. Marriage should be eliminated and its necessary privelages replaced in some other fashion.

Economically: I am a Fiscal Conservative. I believe in small government, with its primary responsibility being to protect Americans from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and from fraud. I do not support the vast majority of welfare programs, including social security and national healthcare.

I support the right of any private business to refuse to hire or to fire any person, at any time, for any reason. If company 'X' refuses to hire women, then that is their right. If company 'Y' refuses to hire Irish people, then that is their right, as well. I oppose most unions, because I feel that they are corrupt and no longer seek what they deserve, but whatever they can get, often at the expense of their company and, at large, the nation itself.

However, I also demand that private business be held accountable for any harmful pollution that it puts out or dangerous working conditions it provides for its workers.

Military: I believe that the primary responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and from fraud. I support a strong military with the capability to fight a two-theatre war. I believe that we should increase our military by 50 - 100 percent.

I believe that our military campaigns focus too much on coddling our enemies and that we need to get tough. I am for military strikes on Iran and possible military action against Syria for its support of terrorist activity against Israel. I believe that the United States should support the Republic of China and its bid for independence.

I believe that it is the most critical issue of our time to reduce and eliminate the world's nuclear weapons. I do not know if this can be accomplished, but I think that we need to try. We need to do everything within our power to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation.

I do believe that we are engaged in World War Three. The signs are everywhere. Islamic Fascists are attacking on all fronts and need to be confronted.

Politically: I would say that I am a traditional conservative, but easily thought of as a neoconservative, a term which I have very little use for.

I am pragmatic. I don't waste my time with third parties. I have commited to doing my best to make the Republican Party great. I vote with the Republican Party on most issues, strictly with them on national issues, and with the Democratic Party, Independents, and Third Parties, on occasion, on local issues.
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By Far-Right Sage
Country of Birth: United States of America
Country of Residence: New York, United States of America
Religion: Deism

Interests: Politics, Movies, Television, History, and Pharmacy(my profession).

Political Views - Neolibertarian

Socially: Support capital punishment, support abortion, oppose the "War on Drugs" and support drug decriminalization, support gun rights, support gay marriage, support embryonic stem cell research, oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, and support euthanasia.

Economically: Support complete laissez-faire free market capitalism. Support privatizing social security, oppose labor unions, support complete privatization of healthcare, support school vouchers with the ultimate goal of education privatization, oppose affirmative action, oppose regulation of businesses, oppose corporate welfare, oppose earmarks, oppose subsidies to agriculture and mass transit, support elimination of the corporate tax, support abolition of the IRS and the federal income tax, support the FairTax initiative, support elimination of welfare, support elimination of all tariffs and complete free trade.

Military: Support the Patriot Act, support coercive interrogation techniques for terrorists, support the military tribunal system for terrorists, support the Iraq war and the broader war on terror, support building of a missile defense system, support Geneva Convention reform.

Politically: No government involvement in either the economy, or one's personal life. Neoconservative on foreign policy and national security, and libertarian for everything else domestic, so Neolibertarianism as an ideology. Support Republicanism as the ideal system of government.
By Marth
Personal Details

Country of Birth: United States. Born in Virginia, raised in Florida.
Country of Residence: United states.
Religion: Atheist

Interests: Movies, Video Games, politics, philosophy, Fiction, especially fantasy, Pen and Paper Role playing games, and games of almost every kind, except sports.

Political Views

Socially: Moderate, leaning conservative. I believe in a person and society's right to choose for themselves. I personally dislike abortion except in the worst cases, am against using drugs and alcohol, dislike political correctness and affirmative action, support gun rights, family values, dislike social welfare except in the truly needy. In social aspects, people should respect the rights of others, and the federal government should stay out of it. I think society would probably be better off with more conservative values than what we have today, but there's not much I can do about that.

Economically: Anti-socialism, Pro capitalist. I dislike entitlement/welfare programs, restrictions based on environmentalism or any other source, except for prevention of exploitation, or occassional boosts from the government in times of crisis. I support as low tax as possible.

Military: Very highly pro-military. The government can do what it needs to do to win wars, and we should keep our military in as great condition as possible. I support the War on Terrorism. I'm against the draft for ordinary citizens, except in emergencies. I think military service should be required for a political career though. I think that would clear up a lot of the corruption in today's politics.

Politically: Keep the federal government as small as possible, letting it focus on foreign relations and inter-state trade, and the constitutional authority is was given. States should be given the main focus to rule themselves based on the people. I think the judicial branch has given themselves far too much power and needs to be fixed, and don't expect much good to come out of the democrat congress we have for the next few years.
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By PaxAmericana
Personal Details

Country of Birth: United States of America, New York
Country of Residence: United States of America, New York
Religion: Secular Catholic

Political Views

Socially: I'm a moderate, as little spending on social programs as possible, but I do believe some social programs are necessary and acceptable in order to help the poor and needy.

Economically: Economics is not my strongsuit but I suppose I have a pro-business, laissez-faire style economic outlook. I was pro-tax cut but I'm not so sure anymore.

Military: A strong military is the only way to keep up American dominance around the globe and the only way to defend the citizens of the US properly. I'm a strong Interventionist.

Politically: Small government in every way possible, with the exception of Defense. I believe corporations and businesses should have limited (not none) regulation so that they can be kept in line and following the law.

I support environmentalists and believe it's up to the state to decide how to protect their own environment.
I'm not anti-UN but I believe the US and NATO can operate independent of it.
I support the inclusion of Japan/South Korea/Australia into NATO.
I believe in the Democratic Peace Theory.
I consider myself a NeoConservative.
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By kristol
Personal Details

Country of Birth:Finland
Country of Residence:Finland
Religion: None but I recognize its importance for society.

Interests:Lots of different things.

Political Views

Socially: Personally I'm very liberal when it comes to social issues but I believe control in this field is needed because a nihilistic society will not survive.

Economically:Definitely free-market with just some government intervention.

Military: The military should not be just a defense force like we have in our country but just another tool of the government and I agree with most of the things Rupert Smith has to say about this, check his book "Utility of Force".

Politically: Realpolitik would be one way to sum it in one word and I think neoconservatism is the best way to go about it(yes, even though I'm not from the US)
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By flaja
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Religion: Semi-fundamentalist, non-denomination Christian who absolutely despises all existing organized churches

Social: I oppose all abortion when not necessary to preserve the life of the mother. I oppose marriage and civil unions for Sodomites and I oppose extending spousal benefits to anyone who is not legitimately married. Women who are not married to their children’s father, have no business having children. I oppose fetal stem cell research, cloning of humans and animals and the genetic engineering of any organisms.

Political: I am a small r rebublican; I do not support the idea of voter initiative or referendum. I used to support wholeheartedly the separation of powers and system of checks and balances inherent in the U.S. Constitution, but I would not necessarily oppose replacing it with something akin to the British Parliament because I am sick and tired of the constant partisan bickering in Washington D.C.

I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana or any other non-prescription mind-altering drug. Drug addicts should be given one chance for rehab and failing that they should be imprisoned at hard labor for life. Drug dealers (regardless of the amount) should be executed, and any country that exports illegal drugs to the U.S. should be annihilated by the U.S. military.

All illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported, and if they come back they should be shot. But then annexing the first 7 miles of Mexico south of the Rio Grande and turning it into a USAF bombing range would solve much of the country’s illegal alien problem.

Women should never have been given the vote. The suffragettes promised us an end to war if they could vote. Instead we have had the bloodiest war and the bloodiest half-century in world history along with a rampant welfare state and the disruption of the proper family structure (divorce, illegitimacy, juvenile delinquency) that has lead to the utter dissolution of a functional, self-sustaining society.

I am a conservative and therefore despise libertarians. The main goal of a conservative is to establish and maintain a stable, functional society that can perpetuate itself in perpetuity. Libertarians refuse to acknowledge that such a thing as society even exists. Libertarians believe that we can all live in a state of (dog-eat-dog) nature. But the last time mankind lived in a state of nature, Cain killed his brother. A libertarian is nothing more than a country club Republican who wants a tax cut so he can afford both his pot and his Hooker.

Military: The U.S. should maintain the ability to launch missile and/or air strikes on anyplace on earth within 24 hours and we should maintain the ability to land at least a division of infantry or marines anywhere on earth within 3 days. We have made a devil’s bargain to protect Western Europe, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan (Republic of China) with a system of alliances and military garrisons; I don’t necessarily like this arrangement, but it would be foolhardy in the extreme to abandon it now.

Economic: I support low taxes and would like to see a constitutional amendment to regulate specifically what can be taxed at the federal state and local level. I do not support a national sales tax as a means of replacing the income tax because such a replacement (in the absence of a complete overhaul of the tax system) would just be a shell game and it wouldn’t be any more “fair” than the current system is. Furthermore, I am not opposed to using the tax code for social engineering. If you want less garbage for example, tax it.

I want less government spending, but I also want the government to spend whatever is necessary to do what needs to be done when the private sector cannot or will not do it. I am opposed to government borrowing, but I realize that it may be necessary on extraordinary occasions.

I have no inherent bias against government economic regulation. I support strong consumer protection laws and I absolutely hate big corporations such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot because they have restricted my economic freedom by monopolizing the retail market. I also support strong laws to encourage the conservation of natural resources for maximum material benefit now for the greatest number of people.
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By Sephardi
Moderate Free-Market. Private Ownership with sensible regulations (only needed regulations).

I'm a Social Moderate. I'm Pro-Choice, want to destroy the FCC, tobacco age, etc. But, I'm pro-military and believe that we should take a very strong stance against crime and try to become and mantain our position of "strongest military in the world". I would be a Moderate Social Libertarian if Military and Crime would be out of the equation.

Pro-Strong Military. The nation I live in needs to have the strongest military on the planet.

Independant. Not with any party.

I'd consider myself a Socio-Centric Moderate Conservative.
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By Lucky Strike
Location: United States of America, mid-Atlantic region

Age: 23

Religion: Unitarian (not Unitarian Universalist!), Stoic

Interests: guitar, philosophy, women (that one counts, right?)

Social: I'm generally inclined to believe that America's families and churches are a better guide to social issues than the government. We shouldn't need to legislate morality if we have faith in parents, pastors, and people in general. That said, I oppose gay marriage not because I think there is anything immoral about homosexuality, but because it is analytically contradictory with reference to the traditional, long-standing definition of marriage (i.e., between one adult man and one adult woman). We should fight the war on drugs, but do it effectively; far harsher punishments are in order. People should be terrified of the consequences of buying, let alone selling or smuggling, anything stronger than marijuana. Prostitution is dangerous and exploitative and should be outlawed. Euthanasia should be legal but watched like a hawk for wrongdoing. Stem cell research is okay as long as the tissue is not coming from a viable fetus. Gambling can be dangerous, but let's put our stock in personal responsibility instead of liberal-style big-government protections. Abortion is a matter of conscience between a woman, her family, her church and God; to say anything more is hubris of unacceptable proportions.

Political: Moderate Republican; I say moderate because I am not concerned with federal regulation of social issues in the same sense as the so-called 'religious right' is. Strict interpretation of the Constitution, and no activist judges. While liberals have tried to twist conservationism into their own twisted 'environmentalist' ideology, conservatives should embrace our conservationist heritage and take reasonable steps to preserve America's natural beauty. Stringent ethics reform is necessary in Congress, and lobbying needs to be seriously toned down.

Military: Keep it well-funded, but let's put the focus on the boots on the ground - not on 'star wars' projects. America has the right to preemptively neutralize any serious, credible threat. No reason to keep bases in Germany, South Korea, etc. Continue supporting Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Economic: Flat tax, free market, smart but small regulation, fight inflation, accept the reality that markets are cyclical. No bailouts, no socialism! Slash corporate tax rates to create jobs. There are plenty of silly programs that can be cut in order to balance the budget, even with revenue decreased by tax cuts. Drill, drill, drill!
By cire26
Personal Details:

Country of Birth and Residence: United States of America
Religion: Atheist (I have little/none qualms with religion, just not for me)
Interests: Listening to music (mainly heavy metal), watching movies and television, reading, and naturally politics.

Political Views:

I consider myself a moderate neoconservative (some would refer to this as neolibertarianism) for the following reasons:

Socially: I'm pro-choice but anti-partial-birth abortions. I have no problems with teaching family values in schools, but nobody should be forced to pay attention (no mandatory school assemblies regarding the subject, but allow prayers in school and the word god). I'm also staunchly against political correctness, staunchly for allowing all forms of speech no matter what is being said and staunchly for the death penalty (especially for all murderers, child rapists and terrorists.) I'm also against gun control for the most part, but some regulations are efficient and certain types of gun control have helped places like NYC in lowering the crime rate and making neighborhoods much safer. I'm for gay marriage, but the issue should be left up to the states to decide. I do not care for affirmative action seeing as how it perpetrates the idea that diversity is the best policy for everything in life. All that said, I do have some libertarian views in this area (legalize marijuana, legalize prostitution, etc.) Oh, and as a supporter of talk radio, DEATH TO THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Economically: Supportive of free trade, anti-isolationist policies, low taxes and economic globalization. Also a supporter of privatization of social security, welfare reform and only minimal government regulation in the economic environment, mainly making sure that loans don't get handed out to everyone who asks for one and not have a mandatory ethnic diversity policy when it comes to giving them out. Also, as someone else already said, DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, do not support liberal policies that only enhance their theories such as the one about how Manhattan will be under water by the year 2020.

Military: Strong supporter of national defense. Keep those missiles locked and ready to fire (preferably in the direction of the middle east).

Foreign Policy: This is again where the neocon in me comes out, we should not hesitate the use of military action against any country whose shitlist we're on. In this day and age, we must act like a transcontinental nation and watch our backs as well as the backs of those we choose to protect. So naturally I was very happy to see that there were only 5 members of the house who did not support israel's retaliations against hamas, because right now I believe the only thing stopping radical islam from spreading to the west is our total support for israel. Seriously, would any of you like to live in the UK, where words like christ and baptist are taken out of the oxford dictionary to appease diversity nazi's, and sharia law actually exists for muslims? I would rather die a bloody, fiery death than see our wonderful westernized culture turn into a muslim stone age culture where women have to wear disgusting looking burkas.

Favourite political commentators:

Neal Boortz, Larry Elder, David Frum, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Christopher Hitchens, Doug Giles, John Hawkins and a lot more from both sides of the political spectrum, I love them all (with a few hyper-liberal exceptions) no matter what their politics are.

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