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And a synopsis of the losing position held by TTP.

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By Hindsite
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I don't know what all this scribbling is about, but I declare it a conspiracy theory just like global warming.
Besoeker wrote:But to what extent, if any, is it anthropogenic? ... ate-change

Apparently the change is happening 170 times faster than if we were not here
Besoeker wrote:A bit more.........I meant Armageddon of course. And no, I don't see it that way.

We won't continue to burn fossil fuels. They are a finite resource. We will run out sooner or later. So that, as a source of CO2, will cease.
Renewable energy sources exist such as wind and solar. These suffer from being on availibility and we have on demend expectations. Energy storage could take up the slack - if we had at utility scale levels. We are not remotely close to that. Yet. But developments continue.

Then there is hydroelectric. It has been around for more than a century and, in recent decades, on a grand scale. Itaipu, Three Gorges to mention but a couple. And Norway is more than 90% hydroelectric despite being in the top 15 oil producers. One advantage Hydro has is energy storage - all that water behind that damn dam...... :D
Of course, it needs the topography and the rivers.

The rising sea levels - well, we're not looking at a step change. People will move. We are adaptable.

Incorrect with regard to storage capacity. Elon Musk's Tesla is deploying cost effective technology to Walmart
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