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Users of the Oculus Rift discovered today that their headsets have stopped working, and after a bit of digging, the issue appears to be caused by an expired certificate in the Oculus Runtime Service, which is being viewed as invalid. The file in question is called OculusAppFramework.dll and this will need updating in order for the software, and headset to work again.

The only workaround for now, appears to be setting your computer back a day or more, earlier than March 7, but that is hardly an ideal situation since it would bring more issues with other apps that rely on the correct date, such as the Windows Update service for example.

For now, if you are an Oculus Rift owner, it would be best to keep an eye out for a software update, or an official announcement from Oculus VR themselves. As of writing, it seems that you can only rely on a bit of peer support in the community forums (linked below).

https://www.neowin.net/news/every-oculu ... ertificate

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