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By B0ycey
Interesting article about Betelguese acting strangely...

I guess if we're lucky you'll get to see a supernovae once and the proximity of the Star means this would be one hell of a show. So we know it will explode (or has), but the question is when will Earth see it?
By B0ycey
late wrote:At some point, but that is in the future.

"While it's possible that the star could explode anytime between now and 100,000 years from now, this dimming might not actually be a sign that it's about to blow, both Nance and Guinan said."

Sure. But at the same time it could have exploded 600 years ago.
Is it 600 light years away or 700 lights away?

I heard that it is far enough away that we won’t get fried by radiation. I think supernovas have to be around 25 light years away to fry us. Interestingly, this might be a reason to not expect life, at least surface life, on planets around stars near the centre of the galaxy. The higher density of stars and all that extra star forming gas means the chances of getting fried by supernova are rather high.
By ness31
There’s an American Association of Variable Star Observers. That’s cute :D
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