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Seems saving humanity creates saints among mankind and leaders among men wishing to become immortalized by historical accounts of becoming larger than life.

I was raised in the philosophy "Do onto others as you wish others do onto you.", Not what others do with your willing adoption of some notion lifetimes can physically achieve that status through existing as conceived by ancestry.

Societal evolution has a very specific means to an end goal of directing public opinion that shapes what society becomes with each next generation.

Here is something the practice of psychological divide and conquer has educated me to comprehend. The more I learned to believe, the less I could talk about things never leaving the moment and the more I used time relativity of placing things in categorical time lines the less I was allowed to have a broad perception of many things at one instant.

Learn a trade, master a specific task to be valuable to society.

I guess I suffered from ADD, ADHD, Bipolar dysfunction as my critics currently suggest before they were labelled as mental illnesses because I can only focus on everything taking place now.

Seems society brands anyone using themselves as a center of gravity as selfish, sociopathic, anti-social, mentally delusional, a threat to society but I never consider myself a threat to any lifetime of human ancestry when left alone I leave alone.

But seems politics, religions, and economics are the means to a philosophical end game of staging reality where characters of humanity don't know what being human is for sure. Why is that and how has it remained the same problem throughout history of societal evolution existing within the constraints of this moment always being present to everything changing within my skin equally as everything else around my lifetime?

I don't like being played against myself, so I discuss things relative to sole ancestors of ancestry not pretending society is the replacement for survival of the species. Whom educates such ideology? What kind of characteristic run in each generation of the same instinctive nature each lifetime has by conception of compounding lifetimes creating their own specific ancestors as life works it's lifetimes in every species?

Balance comes from being equally between contracting forces and expanding details never duplicated in molecular perpetual motion creating everything here functioning as usual physically but not metaphorically.

So, I ask this in sociology as it seems to be the center of governance to humanity's character rights issues building societal evolution each generation humanity is ruled by laws granting exemption to those legislating morality.

But I can guess where this ends up by the end of the day. No body wants to discuss physical absolutes as it confines reality to be just vernacular tribalism by design of intellect and intelligence to control instinctive involuntary emotional responses to symbolic values beign threatened.

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