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By ckaihatsu
ckaihatsu wrote:
Regarding hard-science versus soft-science, hard science tends to use *deductive reasoning*, while soft science tends to use *inductive* reasoning.

Humanities-Technology Chart 2.0

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Humanities - Technology Chart 3.0

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This has been on my graphics bucket-list for awhile now -- finally got to it the other day:

inductive vs. deductive reasoning

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By late
ckaihatsu wrote:
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions ... evolutions

First, I liked that book, still do. For a lay person, it's excellent.

Academics forced Kuhn to do some retractions, the criticism came from more than one discipline. Basically, this sh*t gets complicated. It's also a controversy that started over 40 years ago, and I am more than a little fuzzy about the specifics.

But it does illustrate my point, and nicely.

Kuhn's work is terrific for a lay person. But, in such matters, it's good to remember it's descriptive, not prescriptive. In fact, attempts outside science to be prescriptive are remembered mostly for their failures.
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