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Just watched these two Documentaries back to back:

This is a fantastic Documentary. Are Ultra-Orthodox Jews really as cold, isolated, literature obsessed and crazy as these people are? Or are they an outlier? What an isolated, weirdly violent and hateful community. Glad these three people were smart enough to escape, and one even goes to a Protestant church to check things out. Cool.

I've watched Jesus Camp many times, it's a classic crazy people Documentary! Yet somehow it's also beautiful to see people(especially young people) living out their Religious faith and also somewhat terrifying... Weird. Weirdest scene to me is when that creepy old guy goes into the boys camp room to lecture them about Ghost Stories.... Pervert Alert!

Hateful isolated Ultra Orthodox VS Naieve Crazy Suicidal Loving Pentacostal Evangelicals.... Same movie directors....

I almost rewatched Going Clear(Nutty religion of the week documentary: Scientology Edition) as well...

Hell House(about Pentacostal Christians doing weird as shit Halloween walkthrough attractions) is a forgotten Classic of the genre too.

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