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There really needs to a Renaissance within our Christian ranks to take us back to our more dark, sinister roots. I miss the good old days when our heavenly father would directly command us to go out and completely slaughter all of those who opposed us.

Ever since that false idol you call "christ" stepped onto the scene and started preaching love and peace we've lost our way. Then you guys tried to rewrite history by saying "oh he actually planned his death all along". Bullshit he didn't. He got caught in a lie and then he tried to cover it up. So he paid the price by being crucified, AMEN.
By Rich
The earliest (proto) Christians believed Jesus's sacrifice had taken place in the lower heavenly realms. This can be best seen in the letter to the Hebrews. It was almost certainly Paul, a Jewish closet homosexual who invented the idea of him being crucified, a homosexual, sado-masochistic fantasy, a humiliating death. Later Christians gave him a loin cloth to hide his modesty and emphasised his suffering not his humiliation. The Gospel of John even turned the crucifixion into a glorification, the Johannine evangelist in some aspects completely reverses Pauline Christology, although like Paul he had very strong gnostic tendencies.
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