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Alex Tsakiris and Tom Jump Debate Near Death Experience Science

As you’ll hear in this interview, the funny thing about [pseudo]skeptics is they don’t seem to care about the things they say they care about, like science and logic and reason.
Its Science Jim, but not as we know it.

If consciousness is not an epi-phenomen of matter, it creates serious problems for science as we know it. There is no such thing as a scientific method. At least as a qualitatively different epistemology. Your typical Jehova's Witness still uses the scientific method. They just have a different hierarchy of fundamental assumptions.

Probably we were hallucinating when we ran a high fever. I felt that my soul was out of my body and floating above me when I was sick in bed. The near-death experience normally ends with a return to the physical body. In my case, I chose to return to my body out of fear. Otherwise, I could have been dead.

In the naturalistic phase, NDErs say they became aware of the “natural” surroundings—typically their bodies and the surrounding area—from a perspective outside their bodies. They usually say things looked and sounded like normal but unusually clear and vivid. They also often say they had unusual abilities, such as being able to see walls and also see through them, and being able to “hear” the unspoken thoughts of the people nearby.

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